Sherlock “Brilliant Deductions” eyeshadow collection DISCONTINUED and 25% off!

There’s a new section on the site called “Going, Going… GONE!” in which you’ll find items that are being discontinued due to an ingredient no longer being available, slow sales, or just a collection that has reached the end of it’s lifespan.

The Sherlock inspired “Brilliant Deductions” collection has been a steady seller for the last two years, but as a limited edition set which I can no longer obtain several key pigments for it’s production- it’s time to say farewell!

Quantities are limited and colors or size options may sell out at any time. If an option is not available for your order, you’ll be refunded for it.


PS- the Brilliant Deductions rouges are NOT included in this discontinuance.

Sherlock “Brilliant Deductions” eyeshadow collection DISCONTINUED and 25% off!

Monday Deal: 50% OFF the Sherlock-inspired “Brilliant Deductions” eye collection!

This week’s MONDAY DEAL is 50% off the Sherlock-inspired “Brilliant Deductions” eyeshadow collection!

*** This deal is for 24 hours only. It ends on Tuesday, September 9th at Noon EST. ***

Check out these awesome swatches of the collection by Indie Know: PART 1 | PART 2

Here’s all 21 shades swatched by Aromaleigh, below! (* this deal is for the eyeshadow collection only, not the blush collection!)

AloneIsWhatIhave.NEW.GRID BitternessIsAparalytic.NEW.GRID BrainyIsTheNewSexy.NEW.GRID CodesCiphers.NEW.GRID damagedDelusional.NEW.grid ExperimentalDrug.NEW.GRID HighFunctioningSociopath.NEW.GRID glitteringCareer.NEW.GRID FrailtyOFGenius.NEW.GRID FleetingImpression.NEW.GRID HowQuaint.NEW.GRID nicotinePatch.NEW.GRID myOnlyWeakness.NEW.GRID LuckyCatEmporium.NEW.GRID recreationalScolding.NEW.GRID PsychosomaticLimp.NEW.GRID surveillanceStatus.NEW.GRID SpectacularlyIgnorant.NEW.GRID SoooChangeable.NEW.GRID PupilsDilated.NEW.GRID PasswordProtected.NEW.GRID

Monday Deal: 50% OFF the Sherlock-inspired “Brilliant Deductions” eye collection!

New Sherlock-inspired blush/rouge NOW AVAILABLE!

The finishing touches have been made to these silky, smooth and vibrant cheek colors! Part of the “Brilliant Deductions” collection, and inspired by SHERLOCK, these are perfectly paired with any of the 21 eyeshadow shades that were released last September!


They have a soft duochromatic glow and are extremely wearable. While these appear to be sparkly direct sunlit closeup shots, in person (and under regular lighting) these are not overly sparkly, nor are they completely matte, either. When they are applied, there is very little visible sparkle and more of a soft glow. These shades are vegan, cruelty free, and safe for use on the lips. SHOP!

About the swatch grids: In these swatch grids, we photographed the product itself, then the large skin swatch is over light primer, to show the color effects. In the upper right corner, it is the natural application picture- just applied to the skin with a brush. These apply very smoothly and are silky, and sheer- you can also pat some of these colors onto your lipbalm or lipgloss. They are GORGEOUS on the lips, especially “Have you Seen my Skull” and “Purple Shirt of Sex”

First up, is the much-requested “Purple Shirt of Sex”, a rich purple blush  with copper/green soft duochrome, styled after Sherlock’s tightly-fitted D&G purple shirt, summed up HERE. We tend to stay “tame” with our names and not venture into color names that are this blatant, but we couldn’t keep ignoring your requests in our inbox and tumblr message box! Enjoy this awesome blush color, and wear with pride!


Next up is “NOT MY DIVISION”, which is a vibrant coral toned blush with a soft violet/pink duochrome. Inspired by the ever-present Lestrade meme, here is a master post if you’re curious!


“All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.”
This is a soft scarlet blush with a cool toned soft duochrome effect. Watch this Mycroft/Sherlock scene, HERE.


Honey, You Should see me in a Crown… This is a vibrant silky rose pink, with a soft  green/teal duochrome, which shows up well in person! See Moriarty, as the inspiration for this color, HERE.

You Should see me in a crown

HAVE YOU SEEN MY SKULL?  is a rich wine/berry toned  blush with a soft gold/copper duochrome finish. In honor of Sherlock’s constant issues with the location of his skull.

Dr John Watson: Have you talked to the police?
Sherlock Holmes: Four people are dead. There’s no time to talk to the police.
Dr John Watson: So why are you talking to me?
Sherlock Holmes: [morosely] Mrs. Hudson took my skull.
Dr John Watson: So I’m basically filling in for the skull?
Sherlock Holmes: Relax, you’re doing fine.


Need some eyeshadows to go with these? Check out our September 2013 release, “Brilliant Deductions”, a Sherlock-inspired Eyeshadow mystery… 21 shades of Sherlockian goodness.. HERE


New Sherlock-inspired blush/rouge NOW AVAILABLE!

“Brilliant Deductions” new eyeshadow collection inspired by #sherlock NOW ORDERABLE!

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The wait is over! BRILLIANT DEDUCTIONS is now orderable… and to make it even sweeter, it is on this week’s 25% OFF sale!

Full color descriptions and ingredients are listed on the ordering page, HERE.


“Brilliant Deductions” new eyeshadow collection inspired by #sherlock NOW ORDERABLE!

Enter to Win our “Brilliant Deductions” sample set giveaway! 10 winners of our upcoming #sherlock inspired collection!

Click here to enter! Aromaleigh “Brilliant Deductions” Rafflecopter giveaway

An illustrious new collection will be released on September 20th. “Brilliant Deductions” is inspired by BBC’s SHERLOCK. The collection is 21 shades (because 221 would have taken us into next year…) and some of the longest eyeshadow color names in Aromaleigh history.

Check out this slideshow below, and follow us here, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter to get the latest sneak peeks and release info. Skin swatches and close-up video will be coming soon!

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Enter to Win our “Brilliant Deductions” sample set giveaway! 10 winners of our upcoming #sherlock inspired collection!