ASTERIAI collection, inspired by Greek nymphs of the stars – release date 12/25

The Asteriai were the star nymphs, most well exemplified by the Daughters of Atlas- the Pleiades and Hyades. This is the third of four seasonal collections featuring different types of Greek nymphs (Summer was Okeanides and Fall was Dryades). Each color of this series has matching inspiration found in a classical painting, often of the Pre-Raphaelite style.

Eight of these shades are smooth, rich and/or jewel toned color traveling duochromes, while two of them are super shimmery and starry shades. I still have two more shades to photograph and arrange into grids, so this sneak peek preview shows you the first eight!

Winter is a time of year where I do a lot of star gazing, because the sky is so clear, crisp and beautiful. Both the Pleiades and Hyades shine down on us all winter long. There’s stories about these star clusters in just about every culture and mythology in the world.

These are all photographed under a daylight lamp, swatched over Nyx Black Bean pencil (top RH corner), and Nyx cream eyeshadow base in skintone.

This collection is set to launch on December 25th, and will be the first time I am making a collection available in the mini jar size. If this trial run of offering mini jars goes well, I will start expanding it to other collections. Sample baggies and regular full sizes will also be available.

*Note- the font used on the eyeshadow grids is not meant to be read as the Greek alphabet. Read and pronounce these as you would letters in English (or any other language using the Latin alphabet). I chose to use this font (out of many others I tested while working on the design) to evoke a Greek influence. The font is called “ancient geek” and you can read what the font’s designer intended, here. I apologize for any confusion this causes to those who speak Greek. I didn’t use this font without first consulting a friend born/raised/living in Greece.

ASTERIAI collection, inspired by Greek nymphs of the stars – release date 12/25