Matte Saga One : Buttery smooth matte eyeshadows inspired by women of Norse mythology!

MATTE.SAGA.ONE.1150x.TEMPLATEMatte Saga One features ten matte shades released in August 2015. This is a permanent collection. There will be a total of four Matte Saga collections released in 2015-2016 inspired by women in Norse Mythology.

Many of these shades will be close matches to Aromaleigh’s former Pure Eyes Matte collection and listings will show what color is closest, for customer reference. All shades feature a brand new formula and deluxe sample size availability.


Matte Saga One : Buttery smooth matte eyeshadows inspired by women of Norse mythology!

March Ephemera Subscription box review roundup!

Interested in checking out reviews of March’s Ephemera box, which was inspired by Norse mythology? Here’s a roundup of reviews so far. The amazing product photos in this post are used with permission from Artistic Shadows Blogs. Emily does such gorgeous swatch work!

This month’s current available slots are being raffled off, here:¬†

Links to reviews are under the photo gallery!


Check out reviews from the following bloggers! (More will be added as they are posted)

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Also included in the March Box:

There was a guest indie this month! Guest indies samples aren’t guaranteed, but I’ll always try my best to include one. This month, Kiss my Sass provided a lip glaze sample in the color Daydreams. It’s a lovely iridescent pink that beautifully enhances any lip color you wear it over.

KMS Daydreams Lip Glaze

Below, a¬†beautiful mauve shade with green/chartreuse interference shimmer is the hint for next month’s box theme. After a bit of guessing, customers guessed that next month’s theme is the Ancient Roman Floralia, and the Goddess Flora.

March Sub's Hint for April

Lastly, the March box included a sample of Carina, a shade from the soon-to-be-released Galactic collection!



March Ephemera Subscription box review roundup!