It’s Aromaleigh’s SEVENTEENTH anniversary! Receive “Synchrony” GWP with orders of $17+ through September!

SYNCHRONY.1150x.TEMPLATEThis September marks Aromaleigh’s seventeenth anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been that long… I suddenly feel a little bit old, but definitely not stodgy. ūüôā¬†I admire women like Vivienne Westwood and Betsey Johnson, who are still going as strong as ever in their creative fields, not letting their age hold them back or question what they are passionately inspired by. I’ll be turning 45 on September 10th, but feel as young as ever, and that through Aromaleigh I’m producing my best creative work in almost two decades.

What’s the¬†secret? I love what I do. I create via that which I am personally inspired by, and immerse myself in intense personal interests. It’s important for me that my work displays a unique conceptual perspective, so I always dig deeply for my collection ideas. I love color and how light interacts with and changes it. I love science and physics, and color is all part of that grand design.

For the entire month of September, orders of $17 (after discount/before shipping) will receive a¬†GWP deluxe sample (that’s 1/4 tsp in a jar/no sifter with top label) of a gorgeous shade called “Synchrony”.¬†it’s got a raisin-y base, with borealis sparkle and a strong overall sunny gold shimmer that will make the color appear differently depending on your application method/base.

The word “synchrony” is defined as simultaneous occurrence, and that is what I discovered when I began researching the meaning and numerological significance of the number 17. It’s a number that appears just about everywhere throughout history, religion and myth, which I found fascinating! In Numerology, the number 17 represents the Star of the Magi, which also translates into the star being represented as the 17th card of the tarot. It signifies¬†wishes, hope, ¬†or dreams to come true.¬†The Star of the Magi was expressed in symbolism by the ancient Chaldeans as the 8-pointed Star of Venus, then known as Ishtar. Ishtar and her star symbol were known¬†by many names…

I found the persistence of the number 17 amongst so many different cultures to be an uncanny synchronous occurrence, so instead of calling this special GWP “17 years of Sparkle” or something similar, I chose to call it “Synchrony”. That’s the circuitous manner in which my brain thinks (and over-thinks!). I hope you enjoy this lovely GWP, it’s even prettier in person- it has a lot going on and is very complex and thus hard to capture in camera.

It’s Aromaleigh’s SEVENTEENTH anniversary! Receive “Synchrony” GWP with orders of $17+ through September!

[PSA] The new website is up. Details, plus a GWP now through July 20th!

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.14.06 PM

The new website went live several hours ago– quite a lot earlier than expected for the DNS to take effect. Have you tried it out yet? So far it’s running smoothly and a few orders have even come in!¬†You can still access your account (order history and wishlists) on the old server. To do this, you need to go here: and then log in to your account. This site is closed for ordering, so if you attempt to order you won’t be able to!

Feel free to point your browser to and explore the new site, set up a new account and start building your wishlists.

I deeply appreciate your patience during the last two weeks. It has been rough, and I know that it is times like these where you can lose faith in a merchant. Security breaches are scary, and for that reason I felt that moving to a completely new platform was the smartest thing I could do.

To say THANK YOU a thousand times over, I am offering a Gift With Purchase (GWP) for the next two weeks. It’s a beautiful muted purple with¬†borealis shimmer called “Grazie Mille” (literally, “thousand thanks” or “many thanks” in Italian). Orders of $15 and up placed on the new site will receive a deluxe sample size of this beautiful color from now through July 20th. Sneak peek of that shade coming later today.


Also… Reduced pricing is handled differently on the new site than on the old site. I have a 25% off discount applied to this week’s featured products (Ignis Antiquita rouges and Blade Runner eyeshadows), as well as to the “Going Going Gone” products- Brilliant Deductions Eyes, Bloom, and old COTMS. The discount shows up IN CART, not on the product page. So this will take some getting used to!

[PSA] The new website is up. Details, plus a GWP now through July 20th!