The dragons have returned!


SERPENS is a permanent eyeshadow collection inspired by Dragon lore and mythology from all around the world. We typically associate dragons with European and Norse mythology, forgetting that dragons and serpents are found in the myths of every continent and culture.

Serpens is my creative response to many requests to do a “Game of Thrones” inspired collection. While I love doing an occasional pop culture collection, my true love is history and mythology. This collection is representative of that, and I hope it fills your dragon void…

** This collection is now available in the deluxe sample size!

* Reformulated: All sizes of this shade as of the July restocking are a new and improved formula. This formula features added ingredients for adhesion and wear, which also intensify the color shifts and make it easier to wear and blend over both bare skin and a variety of primers. As always, I recommend a regular cream base such as NYX eyeshadow base. Your mileage may vary with sticky glue type primers.

The dragons have returned!

Try this gorgeous deep blue smokey eye for Fall!

We’re in love with this simple and sophisticated smokey eye with perfect wings- by @Aishers87! There’s something crisp and clean about deep blue for Autumn eye looks, especially when paired with Fall’s rich tonal shades.

@Aishers87 used Gaasyendietha, from the dragon-inspired SERPENS collection to create this look. Will you try deep blue for Fall?

10693609_377613665721486_765818009_n Gaasyendietha


According to Seneca mythology, the Gaasyendietha is a meteor dragon that dwells in the deep areas of rivers and lakes of Canada, especially Lake Ontario. Not only did the Gaasyendietha spew fire, it could also cross the heavens on a trail of fire. The name “Gaasyendietha” was offered by native people to French explorer Jacques Cartier when he inquired about a creature briefly sighted by him and his crew in the St. Lawrence River. They described the creature as “a blue giant finned snake” that moved like a caterpillar. Some argue that Gaasyendietha is the product of meteors; others claim that this is a meteor-fire dragon.

Color Description: It’s a very rich deep satin finish blue, filled with a rainbow of colorful sparkles- to represent the depths of space, and the depths of the deep lakes where this dragon dwelled. This color would make a great eyeliner or smokey eye look.


Try this gorgeous deep blue smokey eye for Fall!