A lot of people have sent in contact form requests asking for a pre-order for FATALIS. 

Here you go… the FATALIS Halloween 2015 poisonous flora and fauna pre-order link, below.

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Chironex.fleckeri Hapochlaena.octopus


SOL INVICTUS holiday (Saturnalia) eyeshadow collection- retiring on 1/15/15!

SATURNALIA.1150x.TEMPLATEIn ancient Rome, the Saturnalia festivities had a tendency to go on and on and on… but in this day and age, our sparkly Saturnalia celebration will be seasonally retired on 1/15/15. The collection will be back next holiday season.

If you haven’t shopped this collection yet, or you want to pick up some full sizes SHOP HERE!

SOL INVICTUS holiday (Saturnalia) eyeshadow collection- retiring on 1/15/15!

ASTERIAI collection, inspired by Greek nymphs of the stars – release date 12/25

The Asteriai were the star nymphs, most well exemplified by the Daughters of Atlas- the Pleiades and Hyades. This is the third of four seasonal collections featuring different types of Greek nymphs (Summer was Okeanides and Fall was Dryades). Each color of this series has matching inspiration found in a classical painting, often of the Pre-Raphaelite style.

Eight of these shades are smooth, rich and/or jewel toned color traveling duochromes, while two of them are super shimmery and starry shades. I still have two more shades to photograph and arrange into grids, so this sneak peek preview shows you the first eight!

Winter is a time of year where I do a lot of star gazing, because the sky is so clear, crisp and beautiful. Both the Pleiades and Hyades shine down on us all winter long. There’s stories about these star clusters in just about every culture and mythology in the world.

These are all photographed under a daylight lamp, swatched over Nyx Black Bean pencil (top RH corner), and Nyx cream eyeshadow base in skintone.

This collection is set to launch on December 25th, and will be the first time I am making a collection available in the mini jar size. If this trial run of offering mini jars goes well, I will start expanding it to other collections. Sample baggies and regular full sizes will also be available.

*Note- the font used on the eyeshadow grids is not meant to be read as the Greek alphabet. Read and pronounce these as you would letters in English (or any other language using the Latin alphabet). I chose to use this font (out of many others I tested while working on the design) to evoke a Greek influence. The font is called “ancient geek” and you can read what the font’s designer intended, here. I apologize for any confusion this causes to those who speak Greek. I didn’t use this font without first consulting a friend born/raised/living in Greece.

ASTERIAI collection, inspired by Greek nymphs of the stars – release date 12/25

DIAVOLI, inspired by Dante’s Inferno retires in 9 DAYS! Catch it while you can…

Our Halloween 2014 collection, “Diavoli” will be seasonally retired on November 30th!

We will bring it back again next year, so if you are interested in this collection please make sure to place your order by November 30th, 2014!

Link to blogger reviews and swatches!


DIAVOLI, inspired by Dante’s Inferno retires in 9 DAYS! Catch it while you can…

Aromaleigh Autumn 2014: The DRYADES collection, inspired by the Greek nymphs of the forests and trees


Aromaleigh Autumn 2014: DRYADES


The Dryades were the nymphs of the trees and forests in Greek mythology. Autumn is the perfect time of year to pay homage to the beauty of nature, the changing colors of the leaves, and other Fall bounty. Each duochrome/multichrome color is inspired by a particular Dryad or group of Dryads, with a classical painting as the color inspiration.

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These colors are very complex, color-traveling shades, which can appear very different depending on the lighting conditions they’re viewed in. They have a plush matte satin base, layered with multichromatic pigments, and we recommend you use them with a regular eye primer (such as Nyx primer or Too Faced Shadow Insurance). If you use a heavy glue/epoxy type of primer with these, the color-traveling effects will be dulled.



This color is “Pitys” (pronounced “Pit-iss”). Pitys was a nymph loved by Pan. She fled his advances and was transformed into a pine-tree.

Her color is extremely unusual- it will look different in just about every lighting condition due to the strong color traveling multichrome effect. It has a chestnut-purple plush base, with color shifting effects of chartreuse to gold to green. Inspiration: “The Wood Nymph” by Sidney Harold Meteyard



Kraneia was a dryad nymph of the cherry tree.

Her color is a deep breen (brown-green) with a strong red to violet duochrome, inspired by the painting “The Dryad” by Evelyn DeMorgan.



The HELIADES were seven nymph daughters of the sun-god Helios. When their brother Phaethon was struck from the chariot of the sun by Zeus, they gathered around his smoky grave on the banks of the River Eridanos and in their unrelenting grief were transformed into poplar-trees and their tears into golden amber.

Their color is a warm golden tan with a very strong red to copper duochrome effect. It is inspired by the painting “A Nymph” by Angelica Kauffmann.




KYLLENE was a nymph of Mount Kyllene (Cyllene) in Arkadia, southern Greece. She was the wife of Pelasgos the first Arkadian king who lived in the days before the Great Deluge.

Her color is a warm medium brown plush matte base with a brilliant green to teal duochrome. It is inspired by the painting “Nymph With Morning Glory Flowers” by Jules Joseph Lefebvre



This is EKHO, from the Dryades collection. You might know Ekho from the story of Echo and Narcissus. EKHO (or Echo) was a nymph of Mount Kithairon (Cithaeron) in Boiotia.

Ekho is a soft warm carmel shade, with a lively verdant duochrome. Extremely wearable for Fall! Her color is inspired by the painting by Alexandre Cabanel, “Echo”.



This is DAPHNIS, inspired by the painting of Apollo pursuing Daphne by Waterhouse. DAPHNIS was an Oread nymph of Mount Parnassos in Phokis (central Greece). She was the prophetess of Gaia at Delphi before Apollon took control of the oracle.

Daphnis is a rich chestnut brown with a vibrant color traveling duochrome that shifts from blue to teal to green. Inspiration: Daphne and Apollo by John William Waterhouse


This color is HESPERIDES, a plush terracotta shade with a strong golden to chartreuse color traveling duochrome.

The Hesperides were three hamadryad nymphs that were the guardians of the golden apple tree groves. They were entrusted with the care of the tree of the golden apples which was first presented to the goddess Hera by Gaia on her wedding day. The three nymphs and their golden apples were apparently regarded as the source of the golden light of sunset. The inspiration for this gorgeous autumn-toned duochrome is this painting by Edward Burnes-Jones, “The Garden of the Hesperides”



This is “BYBLIS”. There are several different stories about Byblis, but basically, she was stricken with grief over love of her Brother, and wandered the country in tears. She finally leapt to her fate, but was saved by the Hamadryads who changed her into a fellow nymph. Her tears created the spring of Byblis, which still flows today.

Her color is an exquisite warm green with a very strong red/copper duochrome. It is inspired by the painting “Byblis” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.






This is DRYOPE, a beautiful fall-toned shade with color traveling duochrome effects. This color is a real chameleon- it shifts from chestnut to brownish green, while the duochrome overlay shifts from red to aqua!

Dryope was the daughter of Dryops, king of Oeta (“oak-man”). She was metamorphosed into a black poplar.

Her color is inspired by the painting ‘Nymphs and Satyr’, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.



This is “Othreis”, a beautiful, delicate gold to green color traveling duochrome in a plush matte fawn base. 

Othreis was a dryad nymph who consorted with both Zeus and Apollo and became by them mother of Meliteus and Phager respectively. When Meliteus was born, Othreis, in fear of Hera’s wrath, exposed the child. The boy, however, was nurtured by bees and thus survived.

Her color is inspired by this painting by Charles Amable Lenoir, “A Nymph in the Forest”.


Aromaleigh Autumn 2014: The DRYADES collection, inspired by the Greek nymphs of the forests and trees