zap puffy morning eyes

Feeling a little tired this morning? And looking the part as well?

Those puffy under-eye circles? Argh!

You can quickly banish the puffiness with an ice cube under each eye to zap the swelling. (It also is a refreshing wake-up call)

Things are looking a little bit better, but some concealing and illuminizing is going to be necessary!

Don’t make concealing error #1! What’s that?

Reverse racoon eyes. Using concealer that is too light. All that it does is make those dark circles look darker. Choose a concealer that is the same tone as– or slightly darker than your foundation if you are dealing with a case of serious dark circles. It really helps to even out the dark circle ‘landscape” better than a too-light concealer. Apply and blend.

Need some additional lightening up?

After applying your foundation, consider applying a product specifically formulated for illuminating the eye area… “Illuminata Eye”, part of the Illuminata Product Trio.

Aromaleigh “Illuminata Eye” Perfecting Powder is a translucent, pale pink, sheer loose mineral cosmetic powder, that contains reflective minerals and a revolutionary light-diffusing diamond copolymer to perfect, refine, brighten and conceal around the eye area. It can also be used on the entire face, if you wish!