easy eye brightener

Here’s a fabulous makeup trick to open up small eyes, make close set eyes seem wider apart or make big eyes seem even bigger.

I caught on to this trick one night while watching the Mally Beauty show on QVC. They have a product called “The Light Wand Eye Brightener Powder Pencil”. For $25, you get a double ended pencil/powder wand that lets you draw a golden line with one end, and smudge a golden smudge with the other. The results were lovely, eye-opening and brightening!

But can you achieve this same look with a lovely illuminating shade of minerals? At a fraction of the cost? You sure can… The basic premise is simple. You are working with the inner corner of your eye, near your nose.

I suggest using warm/golden/pink toned eyeshadow from Aromaleigh v2’s “MUSE” mineral eyeshadow collection, or for more glow, there are several wonderful choices in Aromaleigh v2’s multipurpose illuminating powders, “OPALINE”. Try samples of a few different shades and see what works best for you!

How to:

After your eyeshadow application is complete (but BEFORE you apply your mascara), dip the brush into a tiny sprinkling of your chosen powder. We recommend using a smudge/crease type of brush.

Work the shadow into the “v” area of the corner of your eye near your nose, delicately brightening this area.

Lightly draw the powder out underneath your lower lashline for a more pronounced brightening effect.

Repeat for a more pronounced effect, as needed.

Experiment. Based on your skintone, the depth of your skintone, and how deeply-set your eyes are, you’ll discover the best application process to maximize the effects of this tip.

At a fraction of the cost of an expensive pencil/shader combination, you can achieve fantastic and surprising results!