damp brush application

If your skin is on the dry side and you find your minerals tend to look a bit powdery or too matte for your liking, this tip is for you! 

Adding a little moisture can improve the coverage and staying power of our foundation for certain skin types.

Many of our customers feel that they get a more airbrushed finish this way, too.

Here’s the whole application process, step by step:

• Sprinkle a small amount of your foundation into a small dish. (Hint: Mineral makeup goes a long way; you don’t need nearly as much powder as you think you do!)

• Pick up the powder with the brush, working the powder into the bristles a little bit.

• Knock the base or handle of the brush lightly against the side of the dish to remove excess, or turn the brush bristles-up and tap it lightly on the counter to settle the powder into the brush. (This keeps you from applying too much powder and getting a dry or chalky look.)

• Spritz your loaded brush a few times with a mist of spring water or your favorite toner.

• Apply the powder to your face. Some like to apply in circles, some glide it on in long strokes.

Even if you’re shooting for maximum coverage, remember that several light layers are better than one thick one.

You can also spray the brush before picking up the minerals.

Try it both ways to see what works best for you!