creating custom nailpolish

Sure, minerals are versatile. You can use them just about anywhere.

You can mix and match colors, lighten or darken, cover and conceal, enhance and illuminate, beautify or downplay… and you can even use them to make your own nailpolish!

All you need is a bottle of clear polish, some of your favorite mineral shades, and you’re all set!

We recommend a toluene-free nailpolish, as it is less toxic. You can usually find this at a health food store or one of the health-minded grocery stores, such as Whole Foods. Fresh Market or Trader Joe’s.

Sprinkle some of your mineral powder onto a square of aluminum foil (or some other surface- you can even use the cap of one of your jars).

Dab some of your clear polish into the minerals and blend.

Apply the blended polish to your fingernails as you would regular polish, carefully applying to prevent over-application and “globs”.

Follow up with your favorite top-coat and you’re all set!