blushing from within

Are you blush-challenged?

Do you always end up putting too much color on your cheeks?

Does your glow seem to fade as the sun sets? If so, then read on…

Next time you apply your minerals, dust on your blush before applying your foundation. Given the great coverage Aromaleigh offers, this might sound counterintuitive. But remember that despite the coverage, our mineral foundations are also sheer and light, letting the beauty of your own skin shine through.

So go ahead and buff on those rosy cheeks, perhaps a bit darker than you would if applying on top of foundation. Then apply your foundation powder as you normally do. You’ll be amazed at how your skin appears lit from within, with a natural flush on the apples of your cheeks.

Putting the foundation on top of the blush softens it and blurs the edges, giving you a dreamy, youthful glow.

This technique works fabulously with clear, bright blush shades… go brighter than you normally would and be surprised at the results of this technique!