SPRING SALE at Aromaleigh! Now through 11:59 PM EST 4/1/16


Spring is in the air!

Select products marked down 25% off through 11:59 PM EST on April 1, 2016!

You will see the 25% off discount taken when you add these items to your shopping cart. Some quantities are limited, such as fragrances or lip products. This offer is applicable to new orders only- the discount isn’t retroactive to previously placed, shipped or received orders.

Please allow an order turnaround time of up to 12 business days for your sale order. This is the time it takes in house to process your order, and doesn’t include weekends or holidays.

SPRING SALE at Aromaleigh! Now through 11:59 PM EST 4/1/16

Galactic: Mission 3 (multipurpose highlighters) launches 9 AM EST Black Friday!

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Galactic Mission 3 launches the morning of Black Friday at 9 AM EST, and includes 7 iridescent/glowy multipurpose highlighters inspired by the universe and galaxies.

These can be used anywhere- eyes, lips, cheeks, face… and make amazing highlighters and strobing powders. Use over different bases for different effects. These have a fine, lustrous/satin finish.

They will be available for individual purchase in the mini and full sizes (same as other cheek product sizing), and in 1/4 tsp sample baggie sets. I am unable to offer individual sample baggie purchases on these during the holiday sale rush. They will be offered after the new year, when I reopen the shop. The mini and full sizes have label art of the astronomical inspiration!


Galactic: Mission 3 (multipurpose highlighters) launches 9 AM EST Black Friday!

Galactic: Mission Two launching Black Friday at 9 AM EST!

PicMonkey Collage


Here’s the full Galactic: Mission 2 collection, which will release on ‪#‎blackfriday‬ AM (I am in the Eastern Time Zone, so this will put us at 9 AM EST!) Mission 2 contains ten colorful, satin finish eyeshadows in vivid shades with a glowy countenance. Some are contrasting shifts, others are tonal shifts. This is a permanent collection.

You can purchase deluxe sample or full size jars individually. Sample baggies are available only in sets of all ten colors.

Also releasing on Black Friday will be Galactic: Mission 3 which will be a collection of 7 very glowy, paler toned highlighters which are multipurpose and can be used anywhere- eyes, face, lips, cheeks. Sneak peeks for those will come soon- I am sharing these with you as I complete the photos and materials for my online listings.
IMAGO.grid.nebula ARANEAE.grid.nebula VELA.grid.nebula DRACO.grid.nebula ERIDANUS.grid.nebula AURIGA.grid.nebula FARFALLA.grid.nebula FORNAX.grid.nebula COR.grid.nebula DORADUS.grid.nebula

Galactic: Mission Two launching Black Friday at 9 AM EST!

Release/Store calendar updates and scheduled store closings! Shop closed 8/26-9/1!

Good Morning! I made some changes and additions to the release/store calendar earlier today. Also I added in several monthly store closures- these will be required to work on inventory for all of the new releases, Samhain sale, Black Friday, etc!

The first scheduled store closure will be soon- August 26th through September 1st. The shop will not be accepting orders during that time (clearance site will still be open, and closes permanently on 8/31)


Here’s the upcoming shop closings for easy reference:

8/26-9/1 – Closed for Inventory! Regular site will be closed for ordering, clearance site will remain open through 8/31

9/26-10/1 – Closed for Inventory! The site is close for ordering during this time.

10/24-10/31 – Closed for Inventory in preparation for our Samhain Sale! The site is closed for ordering during this time.

11/22-11/27 – Closed for Inventory in preparation for our Black Friday weekend events!

12/26-1/3 – Closed for a much needed post-holiday break! The site is closed for ordering during this time.


Release/Store calendar updates and scheduled store closings! Shop closed 8/26-9/1!

The Greek flower nymph collection retires 8/1!

Time is running out to make purchases for the ANTHOUSAI Greek flower nymph collection! This gorgeous seasonal collection retires on August 1 2015 and will return for Spring 2016!

Check out our Release Calendar!


The Greek flower nymph collection retires 8/1!

[PSA] The new website is up. Details, plus a GWP now through July 20th!

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.14.06 PM

The new website went live several hours ago– quite a lot earlier than expected for the DNS to take effect. Have you tried it out yet? So far it’s running smoothly and a few orders have even come in! You can still access your account (order history and wishlists) on the old server. To do this, you need to go here: and then log in to your account. This site is closed for ordering, so if you attempt to order you won’t be able to!

Feel free to point your browser to aromaleighcosmetics.com and explore the new site, set up a new account and start building your wishlists.

I deeply appreciate your patience during the last two weeks. It has been rough, and I know that it is times like these where you can lose faith in a merchant. Security breaches are scary, and for that reason I felt that moving to a completely new platform was the smartest thing I could do.

To say THANK YOU a thousand times over, I am offering a Gift With Purchase (GWP) for the next two weeks. It’s a beautiful muted purple with borealis shimmer called “Grazie Mille” (literally, “thousand thanks” or “many thanks” in Italian). Orders of $15 and up placed on the new site will receive a deluxe sample size of this beautiful color from now through July 20th. Sneak peek of that shade coming later today.


Also… Reduced pricing is handled differently on the new site than on the old site. I have a 25% off discount applied to this week’s featured products (Ignis Antiquita rouges and Blade Runner eyeshadows), as well as to the “Going Going Gone” products- Brilliant Deductions Eyes, Bloom, and old COTMS. The discount shows up IN CART, not on the product page. So this will take some getting used to!

[PSA] The new website is up. Details, plus a GWP now through July 20th!

Jezibaba lipgloss is back in stock! 16 available…

It’s back in stock… the lipgloss that sold out like hotcakes, twice! 

Shop, HERE.

Or, HERE in case the switch to our new website has occurred!


Jezibaba lipgloss is back in stock! 16 available…

PSA] Website migration update!

Some time in the next 72 hours, when you type in our url, you will be directed to the beautiful new website I’ve been working on since shortly after the 6/23 hack. The new site is at Big Commerce, and you will need to create a new login there.

Due to PCI compliance laws, your customer information, orders, wishlists, etc could NOT be moved to the new site. So if you have not done so already, now is the time for you to copy/paste/screenshot your order history or wishlists, so that you have access to these in the future.

There may be a period of time where the email forwarding is down, so if you need to contact Aromaleigh, please use the customer service portal email, which is support@aromaleigh.freshdesk.com

Thank you! I hope you love the new website as much as I do! I think it is a huge improvement from the Woo Commerce site, and I hope you find the features, navigation and functionality to be improved.

PS– If you find ANY broken links or products that don’t appear to have their sizing/pricing intact upon viewing the new site, please send a message through to support@aromaleigh.freshdesk.com The migration process has been very complex, and I’ve had to go in to every product and do reformatting and reassignment of pricing groups. It is possible I may have missed one, due to human error, as there are close to 500 products. So don’t hesitate to report anything you think appears to be missing!

PSA] Website migration update!

Some important June shop updates!

Greetings! I have some important shop updates to tell you about. I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible, but there are quite a few things to let you know about!


1. Paypal acceptance for International customers:  I’m allowing PayPal as a payment method on a trial basis, as of June 5, 2015. There have been serious problems with Paypal disputes and Paypal fraud in the past, which is why Paypal was discontinued and all international shipping was halted for about nine months. International shipping with credit card payment only, has been issue free, so I am willing to give Paypal another try. However, if premature and unreasonable PayPal international disputes arise again, or if there are fraud instances as in the past, PayPal will again be discontinued and credit card only payments will return. MORE INFO HERE…

2. International shipping to Italy has begun, on a trial basis. Orders will show “Cristiana Giulia Calderan” (my legal name) as the shipper, instead of Aromaleigh. We hope that this helps Italian shipments avoid being flagged and confiscated by customs.

3. The CLEARANCE website is closing on August 31, 2015. Final discounts have been taken, bringing eyeshadows down to $2.93 and cheek products to $6.30. Full sizes only are available at this point. Quantities are limited and may sell out at any time. If an item in your order is sold out, you will be refunded. SHOP CLEARANCE

4. New Product discontinuations, and the “Going, Going… GONE!” section: Discontinued collections include Bloom, Brilliant Deductions eyeshadows and some older COTM’s. Colors that sell out won’t be restocked- you will be refunded for any product that can’t be filled for your order. SHOP HERE.

5. Hannibal collaboration with @Cleolinda and @Tattle_crime : We ARE working on a little special something, but there is no ETA for when you’ll be finding the fruits of our labor on the menu…

6. Reformulation questions: Customer service and social media has had a lot of queries about what the reformulation means, when certain collections will be reformulated and when they will be available, or when things will be offered in the deluxe sample jars. Answer: The reformulation is the improvement of each eyeshadow shade’s formula to perform better without primers or glues. It does not remove the need for a primer if you want to see a product’s special effects of duochromes. What you will find is an improved texture, easier application, less fly-away, and a product that looks more vivid and dimensional in the jar.

I’ve been working steadily at getting collections released in the deluxe sample jars. I am currently working on the reformulation/deluxe sample jar release of the Serpens collection, which is 20 shades. This process is very time-intensive, as the formula changes are different for every single color. I estimate the process being completed for Serpens around late July to mid August.

Once I complete Serpens, I will begin on Asteriai and Diavoli (which is returning for Fall release). At the same time, I am also working on the reformulation of all sixty Pure Eyes Frost and Matte shades, which will be reworked into mini collections inspired by Norse Mythology and released in seasonally-appropriate color groupings.

All NEW eyeshadows will be the new formula and include deluxe sample sizing, but with a huge catalog of colors and only myself running all aspects of Aromaleigh other than customer service- the task of making these changes is monumental. Thank you SO much for your patience.

7. I will not be doing any major new collection releases until 2016. This includes Galactic: Mission Two. The reformulation and move into the deluxe sample sizes is taking a lot of time, and I want to complete them in a reasonable amount of time. Anything new that I do will be in the form of a mini collection, such as the sub boxes, goddess of the month, monthly menagerie, and release of the reformulated Pure Eyes Matte/Frosts into Norse mythology sets.

8. I love to hear your requests for the menagerie COTM and the goddess of the month. You can make requests, HERE. Sometimes I will use a customer request as subject matter, and other times I will do something I’ve found on my own. A lot of times, if I don’t use a customer request, it is because another indie has already used that name, or concept within the same context, especially mythical creatures, as the prevalence of this type of theme has become very popular since I began the mythical monsters COTM program last summer.


Some important June shop updates!

Shop update: Some changes, news and announcements!

Wondering what’s in store for future collections in 2015? Here’s an excerpt from the newly updated shop “New + Upcoming” page, where you’ll always find the most current store news.

Warning: This is a text heavy page, as there’s a lot going on around here! Take a deep breath and enjoy this baby cow before scrolling further. Her name is Vesta, and she was born in January. She’s not mine, but she lives in the pasture behind our house. Baby cows are excellent stress relief. ❤



  • First ten shades of the Galactic collection, inspired by the beauty of the universe NOW AVAILABLE!
  • March COTM, Kraken
  • March Ephemera subscription box roundup unboxings/reviews/swatches: Here.
  • Wonder what the February top selling shades were? Here’s the top 20!
  • January Ephemera Box extras now available, quantities limited!
  • Mythical Monsters eyeshadows expanded to offer “Deluxe Sample Jar” option.
  • Aromaleigh x Cleolinda Twin Peaks inspired collection, tentatively named “Northwest Passage” announced on Twin Peaks Day (2/24). The collection will focus on matte eyeshadows, and a range of cheek and face products and collaborations are in the works for this to be a multi-indie release with fragrances AND lip products! (Note: Aromaleigh is not producing/selling fragrance and lip products again. This is a multi-indie collaboration, and these products will be produced and sold by those respective indies on their own websites)
  •  More Human than Human, an eyeshadow collection inspired by the sci-fi classic film Blade Runner
  • Brilliant Deductions eyeshadow collection sizes expanded to include Deluxe Sample Jars.


The site reopens by Noon on 3/31, and I’ve been working on some ways to better balance my very large product inventory/increased order volume with life and it’s responsibilities. Aromaleigh used to be larger and employ a full range of people, but now it is just myself plus Carol handling customer service, and Angela, Emily and Noel as mods for the Imaginarium. My most important job in my life is homeschooling my Son, with Aromaleigh a very close second. After two years of homeschooling, we’ve been going through some major changes and adjustments recently. These changes will affect my available work hours.

Balancing work and life is crucial for creativity, health and happiness. I realize that a lot of these shop changes will present inconvenience for some customers, but I’m in a tough position. The changes I’m making are for the long-term betterment of Aromaleigh, the constant improvement of product formulas and offerings, keeping the TAT as low as possible, preventing store closures, and keeping product releases frequent and exciting! So without further ado…

  • The Ephemera subscription now has a waiting list instead of a monthly raffle. To join, send a message with the title “EPHEMERA WAITING LIST” and in the text of the email, your full name and whether you are USA, CANADA or INTERNATIONAL. As slots become available, customers on the waiting list will be contacted in the order in which their email arrived.

  • You’ll notice that a few collections are currently marked “Out of Stock”, with a restock date given. When collections present low inventory, I’ll be periodically pulling them from the site for a period of time, so that I can do a large overall restocking. Right now, Serpens, Dryades and Asteriai are out of stock. The restocking dates marked are solid and I’m unable to make exceptions.

  • As more collections are released, I will begin to cycle collections. By cycling, I mean making them available for 6 months, and then putting them on hiatus for 6 months, for example. They will still be on the site, but will be marked out of stock with the date they can be ordered again. This is already happening with seasonal collections, such as Diavoli, Sol Invictus, and Feast of Lupercal.

  • Pure Eyes Frost and Pure Eyes Matte collections are currently unavailable and in reformulation. I have been working on a semi-loose eyeshadow formula, which will enable you ease of use and more dramatic effects without a primer. This won’t be a formula that comes in “little balls of eyeshadow”, but rather, just enough enhanced formulation to allow greater adhesion and improved application for you. The shades in these collections will be rebranded along mythological themes. Their former color name will be in their new listing, so that if you enter it in the search bar, you’ll be taken to the newly formulated color. This is a large project, which will happen over the next year.

  • The Clearance site is currently locked. I have a lot of inventory to fill for the clearance site items. As these are 50% off, they have been taking a back seat to regular site items and responsibilities. I know people would prefer everything all on one site, but I don’t have the resources to do that. Once the deeply discounted items are sold out, the clearance site will be closed permanently.

  • Introducing the “Menagerie”, an offshoot of the Color of the Month series. The Menagerie will feature a range of products in more daring and experimental shades and finishes, which are themed around each mythical creature COTM. I was going to discontinue the COTM in August, but I’m too excited about this project to do that! This monthly feature will allow me to test out new shades, formulas and finishes, as well as meet the needs of customers who would like more daring and colorful shades. April’s COTM Menagerie will feature the “Leshy”, a mythical Eastern European forest creature, suggested by Kelly Kaye Accetola. May’s COTM Menagerie will feature the Hydra, of Greek mythological fame, suggested by Crystal Bethel. For future months, watch for the request thread on the Facebook page!

  • The Aromaleigh weekly 25% off sales are now the weekly featured product/collection. I will be featuring one product range or collection each week, at 25% off. There may be random flash sales, and there will be seasonal or holiday sales. For example, a birthday sale or a black friday sale. The weekly featured product will be chosen based on available inventory, so there won’t be a definite schedule for what items go on sale, or when.



APRIL 2015

4/1 – April’s Ephemera boxes ship!

4/1- April COTM- “Leshy” and Menagerie items available

4/1- February Ephemera box extras go on sale (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind themed)

4/1- Brilliant Deductions Rouges in the new mini size available

4/5- First five shades of Ignis Antiquita Rouges available

End of April/Early May- Fourth (and final) release of the Greek nymph collection- the flower nymphs (Anthousai), Aromaleigh’s Spring release.

Second five shades of the Ignis Antiquita rouge collection – by end of April/Early May


Shop update: Some changes, news and announcements!