“Birds of a Feather”, a new permanent eyeshadow collection inspired by Chickens! Spring 2016



I’ve done colors named after birds, butterflies, herbs, orchids, trees, insects, and flowers at different times in the last 18-ish years. Why not chickens?!

Chicken feathers have gorgeous subtle colors and iridescence,  and some breeds lay varied shades of eggs such as blue, mauve, pink or green.

There are twelve shades in this collection- ten a lustrous and glowy, shifting shades. Two are eye-safe borosilicate-based glitter blends.


The name “Birds of a Feather” was suggested by Aradia Diane Willard. I think it’s perfect! There was a lovely teal eyeshadow shade of the same name from a 2012 collection, so I’m borrowing it for this.

This collection will be available in sample baggie sets, and also in a “deluxe deluxe” sample size (Deluxe sample jars with no sifter, and full top and bottom labeling. These contain 1/4 tsp of product and due to the additional labeling, and are $3.75 each), as well as regular full size jars with custom label art/sifter.

If there is enough interest in this collection, I’ll put up a pre-order in the next day or two. Otherwise, the release date is March 20th.

CREVECOEUR.gallus COCHIN.gallus LANGSHAN.gallus SICILIAN.gallus MARANS.gallus FAVEROLLE.gallus AMERAUCANA.gallus BRAHMA.gallus WYANDOTTE.gallus SILKIE.gallus SUMATRA.gallus ORPINGTON.gallus


The above swatches in the promotional grids were done over a layer of NYX cream eye base in skintone, and photographed under a daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulb. Applying dry will result in less dramatic effects, and applying wet or over a glue base will result in much more flashy shifts and iridescence!

Here are some swatches over NYX cream eye base in skintone, photographed in the sunlight:

IMG_0953 IMG_0950 IMG_0946 IMG_0952 IMG_0949

“Birds of a Feather”, a new permanent eyeshadow collection inspired by Chickens! Spring 2016



A lot of people have sent in contact form requests asking for a pre-order for FATALIS. 

Here you go… the FATALIS Halloween 2015 poisonous flora and fauna pre-order link, below.

Please click through to read and note the numerous important details that pertain to the pre-order prior to ordering, Thanks!


Sneak peeks posted so far, in case you need a good excuse to click on through!


Chironex.fleckeri Hapochlaena.octopus


Farewell to Ephemera… August’s box will be the final month for the subscription!

I’ve been considering this announcement for the last few months, but I recently realized that I can’t ignore reality any longer, and I need to discontinue the Ephemera monthly subscription.

Ephemera has been a wonderful monthly feature, and I truly enjoy the creative outlet it affords me. However, the stark reality of Ephemera is that it costs me more to produce in materials and my time, than I bring in from it. As Aromaleigh is a business which I do full time to support myself and my Son, I can’t afford to be losing money every month on the box. I’m hopeful that you’ll understand the difficult position I’m in, as I wish I didn’t have to do this. But I do.

The August box will be the final box. Ephemera extras will continue to be offered for sale on the website until they sell out.

Once your charges for through this month, I will be suspending all payment profiles, so you won’t be charged again. (Charges go through mid month, most of you on July 20th)

The good news is that leaving Ephemera behind will give me more time to work on so many things around the shop that have been in need of attention, and the monthly Menagerie will prove to be an exciting monthly feature that I hope you all can look forward to.

Farewell to Ephemera… August’s box will be the final month for the subscription!

Q&A with Aromaleigh – Our Beauty Talk Indie Spotlight

Aromaleigh is the May Indie Spotlight over on the Our Beauty Talk forums. Our Beauty Talk is a relatively new beauty community, that was started a few months ago by a group of former MakeupTalk moderators.

For the spotlight, the mods requested a beautiful color pink rouge color, with a strong green shift. They originally wanted to call it Kali, but after we discussed the shade and the Goddess, we ended up changing it to Shakti, which is very fitting for May, Spring and the goals of the OBT forums! You can check that product out here- it’s been a May top seller!

I did a Q&A for them and wanted to share it, as it’s probably been a good 5-6 years since I’ve been asked to do an interview or Q&A and I was very flattered that the ladies over on OBT wanted to include my company as one of their monthly spotlights!

You can join in on the spotlight HERE. You do have to register to view the forums, and I know many people may not wish to do that. So I am sharing my Q&A here also! My story and how I started my business is probably a little different than most these days- there was no indie community when I started Aromaleigh back in the mid 90’s. Online shopping was a really new thing, and people were really scared to order online!

Was starting your own business a hard decision to make?

It’s hard to remember, as I started on the path to opening my business close to twenty years ago. I always knew I wanted to do my own thing, though- because I come from a family of generations of small business owners and self employed people.

I guess my “ unrest” started around 1995, when I was unhappily working in Rochester, NY, as an Art Director, and surrounded by male domination of the industry, wage inequality, and confusing office politics. I also had a really hard time concentrating in an environment with a lot of people, and preferred to work on my own in a quiet and isolated area- that was a challenge! So I vowed to leave advertising and start doing my own thing.

My first foray into business was when I started an online company called Divine Dog Company in 1996. I have past training as an aromatherapist through Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, and am the author of “Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals” (Findhorn Press/2002). My first order was for a single bottle of dog shampoo. It very slowly grew from there, as there was no indie community, and getting word out was very difficult. Most people didn’t even know what online shopping was, or were hesitant to order online. I was crafting all natural, holistic aromatherapy products for dogs. I’m a dog person all the way!

It sounds funny to describe it now, but my customers started asking me to make products for their own personal use, as I had many people who had decided to wash their hair with their dog shampoo. So it began with custom requests for shampoos, conditioners, bath salts, bath oils or perfumes, and progressed from there. In September 1998, it became clear that I needed to reposition my company to include human clients, and that’s when Aromaleigh was officially born. Aromaleigh wasn’t my first choice for a company name, it was just one that was easily trademarked. All my other names kept coming up with conflicts with the USPTO attorney, so I was advised to use my name. My middle name is the Leigh in the company name. So Aromaleigh is was. Aromaleigh is pronounced “Aroma-lee”.

By 2000/2001, I started offering lip balms, lip tints, loose face powder and loose powder eyeshadows. My business started to really get off the ground in 2002, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time- I was single, pregnant and on bed rest, just one month away from my Son being born two months premature. Those were some crazy times, but it all worked out- and my small indie business enabled me to be an independent single Mother and to provide for my Son, which was a dream come true. In late 2002, I relocated 1500 miles, to South Carolina, to be closer to family.

Becoming a single Mother was (and still is) the impetus that makes me as dedicated and passionate about Aromaleigh as I am. I’m very serious about my work, and am a perfectionist. Aromaleigh has been full time and my sole source of income since 2000, and I feel incredibly blessed to be doing work that I love, while having the freedom to live in a peaceful, rural area- and homeschool my Son. I work a lot, and it can get stressful and intense, but I’ve been slowly learning to unplug and take care of myself.

If you could give a new start up a piece of advice that you wished someone would have given, what would it be?

If I could give my younger self (or any young and aspiring business owner) one piece of advice, it would be to always make sure you make time for yourself and maintain a personal life. I didn’t do this, and worked myself past the breaking point. You can’t work 80-90 hour weeks, barely sleep, take no personal time and expect to stay healthy and happy. That’s what I did, for a long time. I was addicted to working, and high stress levels combined with some major life events affected my wellbeing in a serious way, resulting in health problems.

Always take time to smell the roses. Time is precious, because it’s the only thing in life you can never get back.

How do you come up with the ideas for products/shades/collections?

Everything I come up with is inspired by what I’m passionate about in my day to day life. A lot of my first collections reflected my love of Botany, in that they were named after flowers, orchids, herbs and plants. One early collection was named after all famous women of various stories and histories (this early collection’s influence can be seen in today’s “Ignis Antiquita” collection of eyeshadows inspired by history’s forgotten women).

Lately, I’ve been most inspired by mythology and history, and I spend a lot of time reading and researching these topics. I also love art, so you’ll also see that as a source of inspiration for my colors. I’m Autistic (diagnosed in 2011), so I most definitely have a long list of very focused special interest areas from which I draw inspiration.

I’ll do an occasional fandom-inspired collection, but I’ve been moving away from these more and more. My rule with fandom collections is that it has to be something I have a deep interest in, and I like to do themes that haven’t been done a lot. So sometimes that means for example- that when tons of customers requested Game of Thrones, I’ll go off on a tangent and we’ll end up with a collection of colors inspired by Dragon myths from all around the world (Serpens). Things like that.

Are there any past products/shades you wished you hadn’t discontinued or would like to bring back (if, say, the magical Component Fairy could bring back that missing component, the Labor Fairy made something easier to make, etc.)?

I miss creating fragrances. I’ve got a background in Aromatherapy and traditional perfumery, so it’s something that I really enjoy, and I’ve got boxes and boxes packed with essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts and other fragrance materials. I’ve been satisfying my itch regarding that by sampling a lot of indie fragrance companies- my favorite of which is Alchimia Apothecary. Erin’s fragrances are some of my absolute favorites, and she made a custom scent for me that smells exactly like hiking through the Appalachian cove forest in the Spring, when the trillium is blooming.

What is your favorite product/shade and why?

Oh, that’s a super tough question. I’ve formulated possibly over a thousand eyeshadows and I love so many of them, so I’ll answer in terms of recent shades! My most recent beloved shade is Juno, from the Feast of Lupercal LE collection (currently on hiatus until next year). It’s really unique in that I’ve never seen another shade like it. It’s like an oil slick of purples and greens. I love it! I also really love a shade I just formulated for the May subscription box, but I can’t tell you about that- just that it is the June hint sample!

My favorite collection right now, is Galactic. It’s full of beautiful duo chromes inspired by nebulas.

What is your favorite kind of shadow (duochrome, satin, matte, metallic, sparkly, etc.) or product (eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, face powder) to create

I love making super sparkly shades, and duo chromes the best.

Do you have any happy accidents (shades that were intended to be one thing and ended up being something completely different, but you liked the result better than the original idea)?

Happy accidents are the best. I love happenstance and while most of the time, I actually have my colors already formulated in my mind before I go in to working directly with my materials, even after such a long time of working with the pigments I still get surprises. I work with a lot of color traveling pigments that have varied reflection and absorption properties and sometimes you just don’t know exactly what you’re going to get until you try it. I still find myself going “oooooh” and “aaaaaah” like a little girl with a new box of glitter pens, so I guess you could say that I’m still very much in love with my work.

If you could add one new product type to your line, what would it be?

I would bring back my lip products, because so many customers have requested it. But unfortunately, I’m not able to handle making them on my own in-house. I’ve got too much else going on between Aromaleigh and life.

Q&A with Aromaleigh – Our Beauty Talk Indie Spotlight

Arriving February 23rd: Eyeshadows inspired by “Blade Runner”

HERO.BLADERUNNEROn February 23rd, “More Human than Human”, a collection inspired by one of my favorite sci-fi films, “Blade Runner” will be available for ordering! This collection of ten shades will be available in sample, deluxe sample, and full sizes. I’ll be including the inspiration behind each color along with visual inspirations put together by @Cleolinda. Here’s a link to a pin showing the amazing work she’s done in linking the inspiration to scenes from the film! I’m so excited to share all of these with you.

In the meantime, check the colors out below, as well as on the website, where I’ve included multiple swatch views of each shade.

In the next few days I’ll be announcing a contest for this collection, with a range of prizes. The contest will be announced here, Facebook and Twitter.


Arriving February 23rd: Eyeshadows inspired by “Blade Runner”

Save the date! Ordering for the EPHEMERA monthly subscription box opens on 12/15 – 30 slots available!



Yep, you read that right- EPHEMERA is a monthly subscription box coming soon to Aromaleigh!  Ephemera is a word of Greek origin that signifies something being of a short-lived nature, which makes it a perfect name for these exclusive monthly subscription boxes!

Each month will feature an array of mini sizes of products that are entirely exclusive to the sub.

The boxes will each have a specific theme, relating to one of my numerous passing fancies… you won’t know what the theme is until the box arrives, but you might be able to figure it out if your previous month’s box contained a sample with a strong hint… 😉

I will open ordering for the premiere subscription box on December 15th at NOON Eastern Standard Time.

There will be 30 slots available, on a first come-first served basis.

I have not yet figured the exact cost for the box, but it will be under $15. (You will choose how you want it shipped when you subscribe- shipping is additional).

Boxes will ship in the first week of January, with the next month’s box being billed to you in the last week of January and shipping the first week of February. If anyone cancels their sub, additional slots will open up and be available.

If there is a hugely positive response to the first box and a large number of people would like to subscribe, I will do my best to increase the available February slots.

I’m still working through details, but I wanted to announce this with plenty of time for you to budget for it and also so that word will travel and this will be a successful venture!


Save the date! Ordering for the EPHEMERA monthly subscription box opens on 12/15 – 30 slots available!

Holiday Shopping Event Update! Special offers, a contest and new product release schedule

We’ve never done a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale at Aromaleigh, but it seems to be getting very popular in the indie community, so naturally, we’ve felt inclined to join in. We opened up discussion on our Facebook page and held a poll here on the blog last week, to get your input on these shopping events!

Because we have nonstop, year-round sales, we won’t be doing additional discounts on top of these already occurring events. We will be running our regular sale events through the holiday season, as well as some special things! –

  • Special holiday eyeshadow GIFT WITH PURCHASE of $20+ from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (orders at aromaleighcosmetics.com, not clearance site)
  • One of the free samples with orders at aromaleighcosmetics.com will be a sneak peek of our December color of the month, KRAMPUS
  • There will be a contest that starts on Black Friday and runs through December 1- to promote our Holiday 2014 collection, “Sol Invictus”. Grand prize winner will receive a full sized set, while four runner-ups will win a sample set!
  • Weekly 25% off sales (Sales that go up on Thanksgiving will feature 6 collections instead of the regular 4) (year-round offer)

  • Monday deal flash sale that features a collection at 35-50% off (year-round offer)
  • Clearance site, which currently has hundreds of items all at 50% off. (year-round offer, while supplies last)

  • Generous helping of free samples with orders (year-round offer)

  • Free shipping at aromaleighcosmetics.com for domestic orders over $50 (year-round offer)

We also have some exciting upcoming product releases for December through February!

  • A new Autism Acceptance eyeshadow to benefit the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (December release)
  • In mid December, we will be releasing details and opening up ordering for EPHEMERA, a monthly subscription box. We will start off with 25 available slots for ephemera, and take a waiting list. The first box will ship the first week of January.
  • Winter 2014 release in the Greek nymph series, ten eyeshadows inspired by the ASTERIAE (star nymphs) – (Late December release)
  • “Ignis Antiquita” rouge collection inspired by history’s forgotten women (Late December)
  • Soft matte rouge collection inspired by vintage roses (January)
  • A new fandom eyeshadow collection of smooth metallic shades, inspired by Blade Runner (January)
  • A limited edition collection released around Valentine’s Day, but not really Valentine-themed- it will be inspired by the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia. (February)
  • Some other products currently in the works but without release dates include: sculpting powders, brow powders and more matte eyeshadows!



Holiday Shopping Event Update! Special offers, a contest and new product release schedule