Marie Antoinette Ephemera extras go on sale September 1!

August’s Marie Antoinette Ephemera extras will be available for purchase on September 1st!

From the August box insert:

August’s Ephemera is inspired by Marie Antoinette, and the 80’s vibe of Sofia Coppola’s film of the same name.

The beautiful label art by Glucose Girl/Miranda Sharp reflects an 80’s inspired Marie, so I thought it would be fun for this month’s box colors to follow in suit. As you know, this is the last Ephemera box, so I’d like to take the time to personally thank you for being a subscriber. While Ephemera is ending, my creativity is not. I will be bringing you many exciting things in the future!

While watching Coppola’s film, I was most aesthetically drawn to the depictions of Marie in her youth, before the extravagance of court life weighed down her radiant natural beauty. As such, the shades in this box are soft and wearable, despite the fact that they may be outside of your comfort zone.

Try using L’Autrichienne as an eyeliner, or an all-over wash of color with Dauphine or Versailles applied over the top. You’ll no longer have straight aqua, but a beautiful and dimensional color shift that reflects the colorful complexity of Versailles. Maria Antonia is a “blush glow”. On pale skintones, an easy to wear blush. On deeper skintones, better as a highlighter.

Marie Antoinette Ephemera extras go on sale September 1!

Tesla themed Ephemera extras go on sale 8/1!

Eyeshadow shades from July’s Ephemera sub box go on sale on August 1st!

Hopefully there will be some blog posts to share with you by then, with swatches and reviews of the colors, but for now I have these swatch grids with photos by Emily of Artistic Shadows.

These are extras, so quantities are limited.

Tesla themed Ephemera extras go on sale 8/1!

Farewell to Ephemera… August’s box will be the final month for the subscription!

I’ve been considering this announcement for the last few months, but I recently realized that I can’t ignore reality any longer, and I need to discontinue the Ephemera monthly subscription.

Ephemera has been a wonderful monthly feature, and I truly enjoy the creative outlet it affords me. However, the stark reality of Ephemera is that it costs me more to produce in materials and my time, than I bring in from it. As Aromaleigh is a business which I do full time to support myself and my Son, I can’t afford to be losing money every month on the box. I’m hopeful that you’ll understand the difficult position I’m in, as I wish I didn’t have to do this. But I do.

The August box will be the final box. Ephemera extras will continue to be offered for sale on the website until they sell out.

Once your charges for through this month, I will be suspending all payment profiles, so you won’t be charged again. (Charges go through mid month, most of you on July 20th)

The good news is that leaving Ephemera behind will give me more time to work on so many things around the shop that have been in need of attention, and the monthly Menagerie will prove to be an exciting monthly feature that I hope you all can look forward to.

Farewell to Ephemera… August’s box will be the final month for the subscription!

May and June Ephemera extras now available! (Anne Boleyn and Melusine themes)

Ephemera extras for the months of May and June are now available on the site! I am changing the release availability of the extras, from a two month delay, to them being offered one month after a box ships! SHOP!

May – Anne Boleyn

June- Melusine

May and June Ephemera extras now available! (Anne Boleyn and Melusine themes)

April Ephemera review roundup!

Interested in checking out reviews of April’s Ephemera box, which was inspired by the Ancient Roman Floralia festival? Here’s a roundup of reviews so far. The amazing product photos in this post are used with permission from Artistic Shadows Blogs. Emily does such gorgeous swatch work!

Subscriptions are sold out at this time. If any slots become available during May, their availability will be posted on May 21st on our Facebook page with signup on a first come, first served basis. I tried to do a waiting list for this month, and regretfully, it’s not been working out very well.

Links to reviews are under the photo gallery!

I’m late getting this review roundup posted, so I’m sure I missed some reviews. Also, most reviews came in later this month probably because the boxes all arrived around the Easter holiday!

Ramblings of a Subscription Addict

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Makeup Minion

Emmian (imgur album)

April Ephemera review roundup!

February Ephemera Subscription box extras now available!

Extras are now available for February’s Ephemera subscription box, which was themed after the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Quantities are limited- SHOP!

Interested in reviews, swatches and unboxings? Scroll down- there’s a list of links below the picture gallery.

Check out reviews from the following blogs!

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Aromaleigh Ephemera Swatches! (Too Faced Glitter Glue and UDPP)

Aromaleigh’s Ephemera February Box – Inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Min


February Ephemera Subscription box extras now available!

[PSA] Ephemera Subscribers- is your shipping address correct in your payment profile?

[Extremely Important Ephemera Announcement- Make sure your shipping address is correct!]

Shipping labels are being made for April 1st shipment. The address I am shipping to is the address listed with each person’s paypal payment profile.

Please take a moment to make 100% sure that the address listed with your profile is correct, as I am running into some instances where customers addresses are not current. This is important, because a wrong address in your payment profile means that you don’t get your subscription box.

Please go to your Paypal account, under Profile > My Settings > My Money > My Preapproved Payments. If the address there is correct, you don’t need to do anything.

If the address there is wrong, please enter the correct address to update your profile, and then contact customer service IMMEDIATELY!

Aromaleigh is not responsible if your payment profile contains incorrect or outdated shipping information. Subscription boxes that end up being shipped to outdated addresses can’t be replaced or refunded.

If you have friends who subscribe, please share this important post with them. THANKS!

[PSA] Ephemera Subscribers- is your shipping address correct in your payment profile?