July’s Goddess is DIANA, a gorgeous and luminous highlighter!

DIANA.ARTJuly’s Goddess is Diana. It’s a pale gold highlighter with a soft blue lustre, requested last year by Karissa. I did an Artemis eyeshadow many years ago back in 2009, and did a Goddess kit named after Artemis even further back in 2002, so opted for the Roman version of the Goddess for this month.
From Goddess Guide:

“Diana was the Goddess of the hunt and wild animals. She later took over from Luna as the Roman Goddess of the moon. Despite having no children of her own she is also considered to be a fertility Goddess, worshiped by woman trying to get pregnant and those who wish for an easy labour. Her trinity of gods included Egeria the water nymph and Virvius the woodland God. Originally she was Queen of the open sky and possible a sun Goddess in addition to being a moon Goddess as her name means light or bright sky. She is also known as “Lady of the beasts.” Men fought to the death to for the honour of becoming one of her priests. Origins and Genealogy: Her parents were Jupiter and Latona and she had a twin brother, Apollo. In the Pagan tradition she is also said to have had a daughter Aradia who became queen of the witches.”

The artwork for the jar tops is a gorgeous painting by Maria Cosway, depicting Georgiana Spencer Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, as Diana (although some sources say Cynthia, from the Faerie Queen- she is wearing Diana’s distinctive crescent tiara). Georgiana Cavendish was the great-great-great-great-aunt of Diana, Princess of Wales. If you want to read about some fascinating women, I suggest that you google both Maria Cosway and Georgiana- I really enjoyed learning about them. 🙂

This highlighter is shown lightly over eye base (bottom) and buffed out (top right corner). It can be worn on eyes or face, and is very fine-milled and lustrous while still being work friendly!

July’s Goddess is DIANA, a gorgeous and luminous highlighter!

June’s Goddess of the Month is IXCHEL

Ixchel is June’s Goddess of the month, another shade in the new monthly Goddess series which will feature a specially curated cheek or face product each month. Would you like to suggest a Goddess? You can do so here!

June’s Goddess of the Month is IXCHEL, suggested by Karolina Valikova and available on June 1st. Her request for a highlighter shade is “I would imagine her as a highlighter. Pale lavender with gold shift/glow. Somehow to make these two colours equally visible and not let one overpower the other. No glitter or sparkles. Just a beautiful smooth creamy-like glowy texture.”

 From Goddess Gift.com: “As an ancient fertility goddess, Ix-Chel was responsible for sending rain to nourish the crops. When fulfilling that function she was called “Lady Rainbow”. She helped insure fertility by overturning her sacred womb jar so that the waters would flow.

Though sometimes depicted as a goddess of catastrophe (the woman who stands by as the world floods), many of her myths show her in a more benevolent light—as a goddess who refused to become a victim of oppression. This was a woman who, when faced with adversity, took charge of her life and turned it around!

Ix-Chel was almost too beautiful, this girl with opalescent skin who sat in the skies brushing her shimmering hair for hours on end. All the gods were captivated by her. All but one, that is. Kinich Ahau, the Sun God, seemed immune to Ix-Chel’s charms. Yet he was the only one she really ever wanted. For years she had longed for him as she watched him glide across the sky in all his golden splendor.

But the more Ix-Chel followed him around, the worse the weather on earth became. As she chased after him the tides would rise, creating floods that inundated the fields and caused the crops to die. So enamored was she, that Ix-Chel did not even notice the havoc she was causing.

Like many moon goddesses Ix-Chel was a fine weaver, and it was the beautiful cloth she wove that finally captured Kinich Ahau’s attention. Soon they had become lovers.”

June’s Goddess of the Month is IXCHEL

The LEDA & THE SWAN collection is now available!

The Leda & the Swan collection, inspired by the mythology of Leda, and the painting by Gianbettino Cignaroli. The collection contains ten frost eyeshadows, four soft lustre rouges, three multi-purpose/bronzers and two tinted lip balms. The collection is predominantly neutrals and easy-to-wear shades, with a few punchy brights. While the last few years of collections have been dominated by special effects type of shades, there have been many requests for the return of more straightforward, well-formulated, daily wear shades. This year, I’ll be working on some collections to fulfill those foundation needs.


Tinted Lip Balms: Rara Avis, Waterlily

Multipurpose/Bronzer: Flutter, Quiver, Plume

Soft Lustre Rouge: Swan Song, Beat of Wings, Dioskouroi, Guise of a Swan

Eyeshadows: Leda, Tyndareus, Helene, Kastor, Pollux, Klytemnestra, Timandra, Phoibe, Kykinos, Philonoe

 Ledain Greek legend, usually believed to be the daughter of Thestius, king of Aetolia, and wife of Tyndareus, king of Lacedaemon. Some ancient writers thought she was the mother by Tyndareus of Clytemnestra, wife of King Agamemnon, and of Castor, one of the Heavenly Twins. She was also believed to have been the mother (by Zeus, who had approached and seduced her in the form of a swan) of the other twin, Pollux, and of Helen, both of whom hatched from eggs. Variant legends gave divine parentage to both the twins and possibly also to Clytemnestra, with all three of them having hatched from the eggs of Leda, while yet other legends say that Leda bore the twins to her mortal husband, Tyndareus. Still other variants say that Leda may have hatched out Helen from an egg laid by the goddess Nemesis, who was similarly approached by Zeus in the form of a swan. (The egg was shown to tourists in Sparta in the 2nd century ad, according to the travel writer Pausanias.) The divine swan’s encounter with Leda was a subject depicted by both ancient Greek and Italian Renaissance artists” SOURCE 

The LEDA & THE SWAN collection is now available!



Arriving 4/1 is April’s Goddess- Ostara! If you adored last year’s “Realm of Flora” highlighter from the April Ephemera box, then you’ll love Ostara. It’s very similar, but with a stronger purple highlight. Jar labels feature the art of Alphonse Mucha.

From Goddess Guide:

“Ostara the Germanic Goddess heralds the beginning of spring. She is the Maiden Goddess, full of potential, representing the opportunity of growth and rebirth after the stagnation of winter. There are several different translations of the meaning of her name:- East, dawn and morning light indicating the returning warmth of the sun’s rays and the lengthening days. In Germany her warm nature is still marked by bonfires lit at dawn on the Spring Equinox. The Goddess was also known as Eostre.”


Galactic: Mission 3 (multipurpose highlighters) launches 9 AM EST Black Friday!

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Galactic Mission 3 launches the morning of Black Friday at 9 AM EST, and includes 7 iridescent/glowy multipurpose highlighters inspired by the universe and galaxies.

These can be used anywhere- eyes, lips, cheeks, face… and make amazing highlighters and strobing powders. Use over different bases for different effects. These have a fine, lustrous/satin finish.

They will be available for individual purchase in the mini and full sizes (same as other cheek product sizing), and in 1/4 tsp sample baggie sets. I am unable to offer individual sample baggie purchases on these during the holiday sale rush. They will be offered after the new year, when I reopen the shop. The mini and full sizes have label art of the astronomical inspiration!


Galactic: Mission 3 (multipurpose highlighters) launches 9 AM EST Black Friday!

September’s Goddess is ASTRAEA, the celestial virgin and goddess of justice associated with the astrological sign of Virgo…

ASTRAEA.1150x.TEMPLATE“The Age Of Gold was the first age of the world, without hardship or toil for those who dwelt on Earth, and was without crime. The most recent age of the world, full of troubles and evils, is called The Age of Iron, but perhaps it would be better to call it the Second Age of Gold, for many of its troubles began when gold first tempted humankind to wickedness and war. through the Ages of Gold, Silver and Bronze, Astraea – the goddess of justice – still remain on Earth, but when the Age Of Iron began, she found she could stay here no longer. Now she shines down from the sky as the constellation Virgo, the virgin.”



September is my favorite month of the year, so I wanted to choose a Goddess associated with my astrological sign, Virgo. This month’s Goddess product is something a uniquely soft blue-grey toned highlight powder with a celestial gold shift and shimmer. I think it would work great for strobing, but of course, you can use it as a highlighter or an eyeshadow, also. Those with pale skintones or a penchant for more dramatic looks might even find it can be used as a couture blush shade, or a delicate contour tone.

The uncharacteristic shade of the powder might look a bit risky in the jar, but you might be surprised at it’s ethereal appearance on the skin. The color inspiration for Astraea is inspired by the paintings of Fernando Gallego, a Spanish artist who is believed to have painted the Cielo de Salamanca– an exquisite domed ceiling painted with mixed media painted with oil and tempera and originally overlaid with gold stars plaster relief- depicting the signs of the Zodiac.

Try a sample or mini jar of this unusual powder and see for yourself! Mini and full size jars depict Fernando Gallego’s Virgo/Astraea on the labels. 

Available tomorrow morning on 9/1 when the shop reopens!



September’s Goddess is ASTRAEA, the celestial virgin and goddess of justice associated with the astrological sign of Virgo…

The Minotaur Menagerie arrives September 15th… here’s the collection’s visual inspiration!

I spend a lot of time immersing myself in my subject matter when I work on a collection, which means a lot of research, reading, pinning, and documentary watching most days!

Concepting ideas and transferring them into a beautiful and wearable color palette is one of my favorite parts of the job. I absolutely love the color inspiration for the Minotaur Menagerie- it contains gorgeous, rich autumnal tones but at the same time hangs on to the last bits of summer, through rich blues and aquas. The frescoes of ancient Knossos and Thera were probably my biggest source of inspiration- they are so beautiful!

I will have sneak peeks of the products in this collection to share with you, soon. The collection contains six eyeshadows, a highlighter, a rouge, a lipgloss and a custom Alchimia Apothecary fragrance- a total of ten Minoan-inspired items!

Lipgloss: Pasiphae’s Curse
Fragrance: Mistress of the Labyrinth
Rouge: Ariadne
Highlighter: Seven
Eyeshadows: Minotauros, Asterion, Snake Goddess, Daidalos, Daughter of Helios, Knossos

The Minotaur Menagerie arrives September 15th… here’s the collection’s visual inspiration!

July’s Goddess is ISHTAR… check out her beautiful rouge!

11666230_1011977435493443_5689352469550723868_n 11665652_1011977442160109_1307132632386938686_nIshtar is July’s monthly Goddess. Each month, I will be formulating a product inspired by a Goddess suggested by my customers. Would you like to suggest a Goddess? You can do so here!

ISHTAR, the Babylonian Goddess of fertility, love and war. She is the counterpart to the Sumerian Goddess Inanna. Her symbols are lions, and the eight-pointed star. She is also believed to have been the divine personification of the planet Venus.

Ishtar is a vivid berry pink with a strong blue/teal interference shimmer. If you liked “Enchanted Turkish Delight” rouge from the January Ephemera box, you’ll love Ishtar- she’s a more intense, shifty version, but with more blue shift instead of just teal.

Her label (on mini and full size jars) is the Babylonian Queen of the Night relief, believed to feature an aspect of Ishtar/Inanna.  SHOP ISHTAR

July’s Goddess is ISHTAR… check out her beautiful rouge!

New Ignis Antiquita rouge shades now available!

The first five shades from the Ignis Antiquita rouge collection are now available!

A range of cheek colors inspired by history’s forgotten women, this collection continues the exploration and celebration of women whose stories haven been lost or altered through time. These rouges are easy to wear, with a soft luster finish. They will pair beautifully with the 40 shades of the Ignis Antiquita eyeshadow collection.

Each shade is available in sample, mini or full size jar.


New Ignis Antiquita rouge shades now available!

Holiday Shopping Event Update! Special offers, a contest and new product release schedule

We’ve never done a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale at Aromaleigh, but it seems to be getting very popular in the indie community, so naturally, we’ve felt inclined to join in. We opened up discussion on our Facebook page and held a poll here on the blog last week, to get your input on these shopping events!

Because we have nonstop, year-round sales, we won’t be doing additional discounts on top of these already occurring events. We will be running our regular sale events through the holiday season, as well as some special things! –

  • Special holiday eyeshadow GIFT WITH PURCHASE of $20+ from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (orders at aromaleighcosmetics.com, not clearance site)
  • One of the free samples with orders at aromaleighcosmetics.com will be a sneak peek of our December color of the month, KRAMPUS
  • There will be a contest that starts on Black Friday and runs through December 1- to promote our Holiday 2014 collection, “Sol Invictus”. Grand prize winner will receive a full sized set, while four runner-ups will win a sample set!
  • Weekly 25% off sales (Sales that go up on Thanksgiving will feature 6 collections instead of the regular 4) (year-round offer)

  • Monday deal flash sale that features a collection at 35-50% off (year-round offer)
  • Clearance site, which currently has hundreds of items all at 50% off. (year-round offer, while supplies last)

  • Generous helping of free samples with orders (year-round offer)

  • Free shipping at aromaleighcosmetics.com for domestic orders over $50 (year-round offer)

We also have some exciting upcoming product releases for December through February!

  • A new Autism Acceptance eyeshadow to benefit the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (December release)
  • In mid December, we will be releasing details and opening up ordering for EPHEMERA, a monthly subscription box. We will start off with 25 available slots for ephemera, and take a waiting list. The first box will ship the first week of January.
  • Winter 2014 release in the Greek nymph series, ten eyeshadows inspired by the ASTERIAE (star nymphs) – (Late December release)
  • “Ignis Antiquita” rouge collection inspired by history’s forgotten women (Late December)
  • Soft matte rouge collection inspired by vintage roses (January)
  • A new fandom eyeshadow collection of smooth metallic shades, inspired by Blade Runner (January)
  • A limited edition collection released around Valentine’s Day, but not really Valentine-themed- it will be inspired by the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia. (February)
  • Some other products currently in the works but without release dates include: sculpting powders, brow powders and more matte eyeshadows!



Holiday Shopping Event Update! Special offers, a contest and new product release schedule