The OKEANIDES, Daughters of Oceanus, have returned


“OKEANIDES”, which translates to “Daughters of Oceanus”, is inspired by the Okeanid nymphs of Greek mythology. The daughters of Okeanos (Oceanus) were three thousand goddess Nymphs who presided over the sources of earth’s water, ranging from rainclouds to subterranean springs and fountains. Each nymph is paired with the visual inspiration of a classical painting.

The OKEANIDES, Daughters of Oceanus, have returned

LAKSHMI, May’s Goddess


Lakshmi is May 2016’s Goddess. Each month, I will be formulating a product inspired by a Goddess suggested by my customers. Would you like to suggest a Goddess? You can do so here!

May’s Goddess rouge is LAKSHMI, a gorgeous coral/orange with a warm purple shimmer. 

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity (both material and spiritual). She is the wife and active energy of Lord Vishnu. Her four hands represent the four goals of human life considered important to the Hindu way of life – dharmakāmaartha, and moksha (Source: Wikipedia)

LAKSHMI, May’s Goddess

The FATALIS collection is back, and is permanent!

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.56.22 PM

Last Halloween’s Fatalis collection was the most popular collection in almost two decades of Aromaleigh history. I took a big business risk and ordered in some extremely costly premium color traveling pigments earlier in that year. I had fallen in love with these pigments, as they were completely unique and unlike anything I had ever worked with. My instincts told me that they would be popular with my customer base… and I was right. ❤

For the last few months, there’s been numerous requests and queries coming in about Fatalis. Customers who purchased the sample sets last year now hoping to size up, or customers who panned their favorite shades, eager to know of the collection’s return.

I can’t bear the thought of forcing y’all to wait until September to purchase Fatalis again, so due to it’s popularity and the chorus of requests for it’s return, I have made it permanent as of 4/21/16! I currently have available on the site the eyeshadows, contour powders, highlighters and finishing powder. I’ll do another round of the lip colors soon, and who knows… maybe I’ll even expand the collection a little bit when the summer heat returns and I no longer want to go outside.


“Fatalis” is inspired by poisonous flora and fauna. The collection includes 10 vibrant color traveling eyeshadows, 4 unique multipurpose contour powders, 2 highlighters, a finishing powder, and 2 Nourishing Color Creme for lips. SHOP HERE!

All colors are depicted as their scientific names, and I’ve included the Ancient Greek and Latin basis for the names and their translations, as well as some information about each color’s inspiration and background. As with all Aromaleigh products, each of these products is a bit of a learning experience… taxonomy and small science lessons included. 😉

This premium eyeshadow collection features truly unique, color traveling pigments that display a strong and vibrant color shift under artificial light sources. When they are in between two different light sources, you will be able to see the strongest multiple color transmission. Under direct sunlight or diffused artificial light, the effects are muted or washed out, and you will only see a slight and subtle color shift. They have a highly reflective/chrome finish, and they show the most saturated color effects and color travel when exposed to artificial lighting and especially mixed lighting of different color temperatures, much like the beautiful Alexandrite gemstone exhibits trichroism, reflecting and absorbing light differently in different directions and color temperatures.

As the pigments used in this collection are extremely costly and used as the highest percentage in the formulas (they are six times the cost of the typical duochrome/interference pigment), I have adjusted prices/sizing accordingly. Basically, you will find that these are twice the cost of other Aromaleigh eyeshadows. Example: a regular Aromaleigh sample is 1/8 tsp in a baggie for $1.25. In Fatalis, you get 1/16th tsp in a baggie for the same price of $1.25)

Recommended application for these is over a cream eyeshadow base (NYX cream eyeshadow base is my go-to!). Sticky or glue bases may work well for you, but I personally don’t use these or test/swatch my products with them. With all color shifting/duochrome shades, I urge you to use a flat taklon brush or other suitable tool to flatten and align the color shifting component of the eyeshadow. This will create a more uniform and reflective surface.


The FATALIS collection is back, and is permanent!

Galactic: Mission 3 (multipurpose highlighters) launches 9 AM EST Black Friday!

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Galactic Mission 3 launches the morning of Black Friday at 9 AM EST, and includes 7 iridescent/glowy multipurpose highlighters inspired by the universe and galaxies.

These can be used anywhere- eyes, lips, cheeks, face… and make amazing highlighters and strobing powders. Use over different bases for different effects. These have a fine, lustrous/satin finish.

They will be available for individual purchase in the mini and full sizes (same as other cheek product sizing), and in 1/4 tsp sample baggie sets. I am unable to offer individual sample baggie purchases on these during the holiday sale rush. They will be offered after the new year, when I reopen the shop. The mini and full sizes have label art of the astronomical inspiration!


Galactic: Mission 3 (multipurpose highlighters) launches 9 AM EST Black Friday!

Galactic: Mission Two launching Black Friday at 9 AM EST!

PicMonkey Collage


Here’s the full Galactic: Mission 2 collection, which will release on ‪#‎blackfriday‬ AM (I am in the Eastern Time Zone, so this will put us at 9 AM EST!) Mission 2 contains ten colorful, satin finish eyeshadows in vivid shades with a glowy countenance. Some are contrasting shifts, others are tonal shifts. This is a permanent collection.

You can purchase deluxe sample or full size jars individually. Sample baggies are available only in sets of all ten colors.

Also releasing on Black Friday will be Galactic: Mission 3 which will be a collection of 7 very glowy, paler toned highlighters which are multipurpose and can be used anywhere- eyes, face, lips, cheeks. Sneak peeks for those will come soon- I am sharing these with you as I complete the photos and materials for my online listings.
IMAGO.grid.nebula ARANEAE.grid.nebula VELA.grid.nebula DRACO.grid.nebula ERIDANUS.grid.nebula AURIGA.grid.nebula FARFALLA.grid.nebula FORNAX.grid.nebula COR.grid.nebula DORADUS.grid.nebula

Galactic: Mission Two launching Black Friday at 9 AM EST!

The PROSERPINA collection is now available!

A collection inspired by the Ancient Roman myth of Proserpina, as adapted from the Greek Persephone.

The shades in this collection were inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite painting “Proserpine” by Dante Gabriel Rosetti. The collection includes 6 eyeshadows, 2 multipurpose highlighters, 1 rouge, 1 lipgloss, 1 lip balm and a fragrance curated specifically for the collection by Alchimia Apothecary!  SHOP

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.24.35 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.24.39 AM

The PROSERPINA collection is now available!

The Diavoli are returning on 9/15, more devilish than ever!

The devils of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno are returning for the Halloween Autumn season… reformulated and available in the new deluxe sample jar size!

Diavoli translates to devil in Italian, and this collection is inspired by the devilish demons of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. There’s 13 colors inspired by the Malebranche of the 8th circle of Hell, which in italian is called “Malebolge”, which translates to “evil ditches”. The Malebranche (which means “evil claws”) were 13 devilish demons who patrolled the 5th Bolgia. (only 12 are named in the Inferno). Bolgia 5 was where extortionists, blackmailers, politicians and unscrupulous businessmen: sinners who used their positions in life to gain personal wealth or other advantages for themselves) are punished by being thrown into a river of boiling tar. Should they try to escape, the Malebranche, armed with grappling hooks and barbs, stand guard over them. Visual inspiration comes from my own reader’s eye, as well as illustrations and paintings by Gustav Dore, Sandro Botticelli, Giovanni di Paolo and Giovanni Stradano.

The Diavoli are returning on 9/15, more devilish than ever!

“Feast of Lupercal” eyeshadow collection… coming 5PM EST January 17th!


Coming soon, a collection of ten shades full of iridescence and spectral overlays of color… inspired by the Ancient Roman Feast of Lupercal- the Lupercalia. While not a traditional Valentine’s Day collection, you will find that many of the shades in this collection will work wonderfully for your modern celebrations. Nine of the shades are eyeshadow formulations, while one (Lucina) is a glitter finish, similar to the shades Oscilla and Opalia from the Sol Invictus holiday collection.

This collection will be available seasonally, through March 15th, and it will be available in three sizes: 1/8 tsp sample baggies, 1/4 tsp deluxe sample jars, and our regular full size jars with sifters.

In Ancient Rome, Lupercalia was observed February 13 through 15 to purify the city of Rome, releasing health and fertility. Lupercalia took the place of Februa, an earlier-origin spring cleansing ritual held on the same date, which gives the month of February its name. The word Februata also means “purification”, further explaining the purpose of the rites.

In Roman mythology, Lupercus  was a god, often identified with the Roman god Faunus, known as Pan or Pan Lycaeus in Greek mythology.  Lupercus was the god of shepherds. The Lupercalia festival also honored Lupa, the she-wolf who suckled the infants Romulus and Remus, legendary founders of Rome, thus additionally explaining the name of the festival, Lupercalia, or “Festival of the Wolf” The festival was celebrated near the cave of Lupercal on the Palatine Hill.

The priests who presided over the Lupercalia rites were known as Luperci- Brothers of the wolf. On the day of celebration two young men were led to the altar, to be anointed on their foreheads with the sacrificial blood, which was wiped off the bloody knife with wool soaked in milk, after which they were expected to jovially laugh. Salt meal cakes prepared by the Vestal Virgins were burnt as part of the offering.

After the traditional sacrificial feast, the Luperci would cut thongs called “amicula Junonis” from the skins of the animals, dress themselves in the skins of the sacrificed goats, in imitation of Lupercus, and would run round the walls of the old Palatine city, the line of which was marked with stones. With thongs in their hands, in two bands, they would strike the people who crowded near. Women would actively seek out lashings from these whips. It was supposed to ensure fertility, prevent sterility in women and ease the pains of childbirth.

By the 5th century, when the public performance of pagan rites had been outlawed,  Pope Gelasius I (494–96) finally abolished the Lupercalia after a long dispute. Although many articles hint at the Feast of Lupercal as being the origins of our modern Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day as we know it didn’t begin until the 1800’s. The fertility and purification rites of the Pagan Festival of Lupercal were essentially superseded by the Catholic church marked February 14th as the Feast of St. Valentine. A day that just so happened to fall right in the middle of the Feast of Lupercal.

“Feast of Lupercal” eyeshadow collection… coming 5PM EST January 17th!

Aromaleigh Weekly Update!

September 19, 2014 – Aromaleigh Email Newsletter


A new round of 25% off weekly sales was published yesterday.

This week, enjoy discounts on the Dryades eyeshadow, Serpens eyeshadows, Bloom eyeshadows and Illuminata finishing powders! SHOP



Kristen was recently interviewed by THE MARY SUE for this article,

“Nerd Power, Make Up! A Look at the Amazing Women Who Make Geeky Cosmetics”

Yup, just as nerds have quietly begun to infect other more “normal” hobbies with our favorite things (Like knitting? Make a Doctor Who scarf! Like sports? Sign up for a Quidditch league!), so too has the makeup world opened up and made room for those of us who want our eyelids to be the same blue as the TARDIS. But when it comes to indie creators, the process involves more than just slapping a reference onto a tin of eyeshadow. The women who run these companies truly care about the stories and characters which inspire their work—and now that the female arm of the nerd community is no longer satisfied with badly-fitted t-shirts from the men’s departments, they’re happy to oblige our demand for more. CLICK FOR THE WHOLE ARTICLE!


Our new website is up and running perfectly! Point your browsers towards!
Create an account and review your favorite products to earn points towards discounts on future orders!

There are numerous features with our new system that we didn’t have before:

  • You can create an account directly, or use your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Amazon accounts.
  • The Points system allows you to earn points to use towards discounts on future orders. You earn 1 point for each dollar you spend, 10 points for creating your account, and 5 points for each eligible product review. 50 points = $1 off when you shop!
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  • Order History – once you’ve placed an order on our new website, your order appears on your account page.

New Autumn 2014 Collection – DRYADES is on this week’s 25% off weekly sale!

Autumn 2014 welcomes the DRYADES collection at Aromaleigh… ten dramatic duochrome shades imbued with the tones of Fall’s splendor. Dryads and Hamadryads were the Greek nymphs of the forests and trees. These colors were all inspired by specific Dryads or groups of Dryads, and incredible classic paintings portraying them.

We’ve been getting some amazing feedback on this collection!

Here’s the first review, from Glitter Bomb: “Thumbs way up on this one. Definitely check it out, especially if you’re a fan of earthy colors. I really liked everything, and more than half of them made it onto my “must-haves” list, so you know I’m a fan! Anything that isn’t there is filed under “we’ll see how it looks when I actually wear it”. (All swatches done dry, on bare skin.)” Click through for swatches and the full review!

Amber (from our Facebook) says:  I have tried most of the Dryades collection and absolutely LOVE it. Beautiful earthy colors with some very magical shifts complexities! I keep wearing each color on its own because I love the effect that each one has! Daphnis and Ekho are my top favs! 

Zillah (from our Facebook) says:“I got my Dryades the other day. they are unbelievably gorgeous. I think it’s one of the most beautiful AL collections yet, and that’s saying something. The colour shifts are complex and mysterious without being overwhelming and they have incredible depth. Absolutely breathtaking.”

Here’s a gorgeous look using Kraneia, Hesperides and Heliades, from the Dryades collection- by Blix Moonmaiden! Click through to her blog for more photos and a complete description of which colors she’s wearing, and where! (She also makes beautiful jewelry- check out Moon Maiden Jewelry!)


The 50% off product clearance continues: CLICK HERE FOR OUR CLEARANCE SITE! Eyeshadows just $3.25 for full sizes and .50 cents for samples!

There’s still tons of things to choose from! All clearance items have remained on our old website, which has a new url :

We can combine orders from the clearance site and the new site to save you on shipping- full details can be found on the home page of the clearance site. There is no order minimum on the clearance site.

Two of the most popular eyeshadow collections on the clearance site are Bete Noire and Alchemie. Indie Know blog recently reviewed the complete Bete Noire collection and provided some amazing skin swatches- if you haven’t seen these, they will make you run to the clearance site and scoop up some of these colors before they’re gone! (A sneak peek of some of their swatches is below the links, but you’ll want to click through to the reviews to see them in their full splendor!) Just ready to shop? SHOP BETE NOIRE!

Bete Noire Collection Overview and Swatches Part 1!

Swatch Post! Bete Noire from Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics! Part 2 of 2

Our ALCHEMIE line of shadows is also on 50% off clearance for just 3.25/full size and .50/sample.(SHOP HERE) These are rich, metallic finishes. The inventory on some of these colors is getting very low. So if you’ve been on the fence about this collection, now is the time to act. Some shades are already sold out. If you need some convincing, check out these gorgeous swatches and review from Baroque in Babylon, one of our favorite beauty blogs! CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW!


“DIAVOLI”, eyeshadows inspired by Dante’s Inferno… now available!

SHOP the DIAVOLI collection!

Aromaleigh Halloween 2014 presents the “DIAVOLI” collection. Diavoli translates to devil in Italian, and this collection is inspired by the devilish demons of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. There’s 13 colors inspired by the Malebranche of the 8th circle of Hell, which in italian is called “Malebolge”, which translates to “evil ditches”.  The Malebranche (which means “evil claws”) were 13 devilish demons who patrolled the 5th Bolgia. (only 12 are named in the Inferno). Bolgia 5 was where extortionists, blackmailers, politicians and unscrupulous businessmen: sinners who used their positions in life to gain personal wealth or other advantages for themselves) are punished by being thrown into a river of boiling tar. Should they try to escape, the Malebranche, armed with grappling hooks and barbs, stand guard over them.  Visual inspiration comes from my own reader’s eye, as well as illustrations and paintings by Gustav Doré, Sandro Botticelli, Giovanni di Paolo and Giovanni Stradano.

The shades in this collection all feature a plush matte base with strong color-traveling duochrome/multichrome pigments. You can experience this color traveling effect by altering the angle of light as it reflects off your eyeshadow. The easiest way to do this is to move your jar/swatched skin underneath a direct light source, such as a desk lamp. As you move it, you’ll see the color switch from one to another. The effect is very dramatic in some shades.


We’re waiting on swatches and reviews from several bloggers, but preliminary reviews so far include the word “STUNNING”

We tend to agree, here’s a few of our favorites from that collection- at full size so you can see the gorgeous and intense color-traveling shifts!




If you’ve gotten this far into our newsletter, we thank you! You’ve earned an exclusive news tidbit about our upcoming Holiday 2014 collection, which we are doing something different and unique for this year! Here’s the scoop:

This year’s holiday collection will be very exclusive, using super-duper luxe, sparkly color-traveling multichromatic pigments. This will be the first collection ever using these uber pigments, which we’re extremely excited about. If you’re enjoying Dryades and Diavoli, these will blow your mind, as they’ll have the same awesome chameleon effects, but with much more sparkle.

There will be very limited numbers of sample sets, full size (with custom gift packaging), and individual full sizes available.

The theme of this year’s holiday collection will be… SATURNALIA! With my current obsession with ancient history (and my Italian ancestry), I’m taking this year’s theme to heart. We’ll be doing a week-long Saturnalia inspired celebration in our household, complete with recreating ancient Roman recipes, reviving some of the Saturnalia customs, and decorating our tree in honor of the solar celebration, with holly branches, a giant sun tree topper, and the colors of blue and gold. I’ve been researching this ancient festival for the last few weeks, and seeing that I tend to take my collection themes quite seriously, I can’t wait to celebrate this year’s winter solstice this way.


Aromaleigh Weekly Update!

Aromaleigh Autumn 2014: The DRYADES collection, inspired by the Greek nymphs of the forests and trees


Aromaleigh Autumn 2014: DRYADES


The Dryades were the nymphs of the trees and forests in Greek mythology. Autumn is the perfect time of year to pay homage to the beauty of nature, the changing colors of the leaves, and other Fall bounty. Each duochrome/multichrome color is inspired by a particular Dryad or group of Dryads, with a classical painting as the color inspiration.

SHOP! (or scroll through the pretties, below and read their stories and color descriptions!)

These colors are very complex, color-traveling shades, which can appear very different depending on the lighting conditions they’re viewed in. They have a plush matte satin base, layered with multichromatic pigments, and we recommend you use them with a regular eye primer (such as Nyx primer or Too Faced Shadow Insurance). If you use a heavy glue/epoxy type of primer with these, the color-traveling effects will be dulled.



This color is “Pitys” (pronounced “Pit-iss”). Pitys was a nymph loved by Pan. She fled his advances and was transformed into a pine-tree.

Her color is extremely unusual- it will look different in just about every lighting condition due to the strong color traveling multichrome effect. It has a chestnut-purple plush base, with color shifting effects of chartreuse to gold to green. Inspiration: “The Wood Nymph” by Sidney Harold Meteyard



Kraneia was a dryad nymph of the cherry tree.

Her color is a deep breen (brown-green) with a strong red to violet duochrome, inspired by the painting “The Dryad” by Evelyn DeMorgan.



The HELIADES were seven nymph daughters of the sun-god Helios. When their brother Phaethon was struck from the chariot of the sun by Zeus, they gathered around his smoky grave on the banks of the River Eridanos and in their unrelenting grief were transformed into poplar-trees and their tears into golden amber.

Their color is a warm golden tan with a very strong red to copper duochrome effect. It is inspired by the painting “A Nymph” by Angelica Kauffmann.




KYLLENE was a nymph of Mount Kyllene (Cyllene) in Arkadia, southern Greece. She was the wife of Pelasgos the first Arkadian king who lived in the days before the Great Deluge.

Her color is a warm medium brown plush matte base with a brilliant green to teal duochrome. It is inspired by the painting “Nymph With Morning Glory Flowers” by Jules Joseph Lefebvre



This is EKHO, from the Dryades collection. You might know Ekho from the story of Echo and Narcissus. EKHO (or Echo) was a nymph of Mount Kithairon (Cithaeron) in Boiotia.

Ekho is a soft warm carmel shade, with a lively verdant duochrome. Extremely wearable for Fall! Her color is inspired by the painting by Alexandre Cabanel, “Echo”.



This is DAPHNIS, inspired by the painting of Apollo pursuing Daphne by Waterhouse. DAPHNIS was an Oread nymph of Mount Parnassos in Phokis (central Greece). She was the prophetess of Gaia at Delphi before Apollon took control of the oracle.

Daphnis is a rich chestnut brown with a vibrant color traveling duochrome that shifts from blue to teal to green. Inspiration: Daphne and Apollo by John William Waterhouse


This color is HESPERIDES, a plush terracotta shade with a strong golden to chartreuse color traveling duochrome.

The Hesperides were three hamadryad nymphs that were the guardians of the golden apple tree groves. They were entrusted with the care of the tree of the golden apples which was first presented to the goddess Hera by Gaia on her wedding day. The three nymphs and their golden apples were apparently regarded as the source of the golden light of sunset. The inspiration for this gorgeous autumn-toned duochrome is this painting by Edward Burnes-Jones, “The Garden of the Hesperides”



This is “BYBLIS”. There are several different stories about Byblis, but basically, she was stricken with grief over love of her Brother, and wandered the country in tears. She finally leapt to her fate, but was saved by the Hamadryads who changed her into a fellow nymph. Her tears created the spring of Byblis, which still flows today.

Her color is an exquisite warm green with a very strong red/copper duochrome. It is inspired by the painting “Byblis” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.






This is DRYOPE, a beautiful fall-toned shade with color traveling duochrome effects. This color is a real chameleon- it shifts from chestnut to brownish green, while the duochrome overlay shifts from red to aqua!

Dryope was the daughter of Dryops, king of Oeta (“oak-man”). She was metamorphosed into a black poplar.

Her color is inspired by the painting ‘Nymphs and Satyr’, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.



This is “Othreis”, a beautiful, delicate gold to green color traveling duochrome in a plush matte fawn base. 

Othreis was a dryad nymph who consorted with both Zeus and Apollo and became by them mother of Meliteus and Phager respectively. When Meliteus was born, Othreis, in fear of Hera’s wrath, exposed the child. The boy, however, was nurtured by bees and thus survived.

Her color is inspired by this painting by Charles Amable Lenoir, “A Nymph in the Forest”.


Aromaleigh Autumn 2014: The DRYADES collection, inspired by the Greek nymphs of the forests and trees