The LEDA & THE SWAN collection is now available!

The Leda & the Swan collection, inspired by the mythology of Leda, and the painting by Gianbettino Cignaroli. The collection contains ten frost eyeshadows, four soft lustre rouges, three multi-purpose/bronzers and two tinted lip balms. The collection is predominantly neutrals and easy-to-wear shades, with a few punchy brights. While the last few years of collections have been dominated by special effects type of shades, there have been many requests for the return of more straightforward, well-formulated, daily wear shades. This year, I’ll be working on some collections to fulfill those foundation needs.


Tinted Lip Balms: Rara Avis, Waterlily

Multipurpose/Bronzer: Flutter, Quiver, Plume

Soft Lustre Rouge: Swan Song, Beat of Wings, Dioskouroi, Guise of a Swan

Eyeshadows: Leda, Tyndareus, Helene, Kastor, Pollux, Klytemnestra, Timandra, Phoibe, Kykinos, Philonoe

 Ledain Greek legend, usually believed to be the daughter of Thestius, king of Aetolia, and wife of Tyndareus, king of Lacedaemon. Some ancient writers thought she was the mother by Tyndareus of Clytemnestra, wife of King Agamemnon, and of Castor, one of the Heavenly Twins. She was also believed to have been the mother (by Zeus, who had approached and seduced her in the form of a swan) of the other twin, Pollux, and of Helen, both of whom hatched from eggs. Variant legends gave divine parentage to both the twins and possibly also to Clytemnestra, with all three of them having hatched from the eggs of Leda, while yet other legends say that Leda bore the twins to her mortal husband, Tyndareus. Still other variants say that Leda may have hatched out Helen from an egg laid by the goddess Nemesis, who was similarly approached by Zeus in the form of a swan. (The egg was shown to tourists in Sparta in the 2nd century ad, according to the travel writer Pausanias.) The divine swan’s encounter with Leda was a subject depicted by both ancient Greek and Italian Renaissance artists” SOURCE 

The LEDA & THE SWAN collection is now available!