The FATALIS collection is back, and is permanent!

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Last Halloween’s Fatalis collection was the most popular collection in almost two decades of Aromaleigh history. I took a big business risk and ordered in some extremely costly premium color traveling pigments earlier in that year. I had fallen in love with these pigments, as they were completely unique and unlike anything I had ever worked with. My instincts told me that they would be popular with my customer base… and I was right. ❤

For the last few months, there’s been numerous requests and queries coming in about Fatalis. Customers who purchased the sample sets last year now hoping to size up, or customers who panned their favorite shades, eager to know of the collection’s return.

I can’t bear the thought of forcing y’all to wait until September to purchase Fatalis again, so due to it’s popularity and the chorus of requests for it’s return, I have made it permanent as of 4/21/16! I currently have available on the site the eyeshadows, contour powders, highlighters and finishing powder. I’ll do another round of the lip colors soon, and who knows… maybe I’ll even expand the collection a little bit when the summer heat returns and I no longer want to go outside.


“Fatalis” is inspired by poisonous flora and fauna. The collection includes 10 vibrant color traveling eyeshadows, 4 unique multipurpose contour powders, 2 highlighters, a finishing powder, and 2 Nourishing Color Creme for lips. SHOP HERE!

All colors are depicted as their scientific names, and I’ve included the Ancient Greek and Latin basis for the names and their translations, as well as some information about each color’s inspiration and background. As with all Aromaleigh products, each of these products is a bit of a learning experience… taxonomy and small science lessons included. 😉

This premium eyeshadow collection features truly unique, color traveling pigments that display a strong and vibrant color shift under artificial light sources. When they are in between two different light sources, you will be able to see the strongest multiple color transmission. Under direct sunlight or diffused artificial light, the effects are muted or washed out, and you will only see a slight and subtle color shift. They have a highly reflective/chrome finish, and they show the most saturated color effects and color travel when exposed to artificial lighting and especially mixed lighting of different color temperatures, much like the beautiful Alexandrite gemstone exhibits trichroism, reflecting and absorbing light differently in different directions and color temperatures.

As the pigments used in this collection are extremely costly and used as the highest percentage in the formulas (they are six times the cost of the typical duochrome/interference pigment), I have adjusted prices/sizing accordingly. Basically, you will find that these are twice the cost of other Aromaleigh eyeshadows. Example: a regular Aromaleigh sample is 1/8 tsp in a baggie for $1.25. In Fatalis, you get 1/16th tsp in a baggie for the same price of $1.25)

Recommended application for these is over a cream eyeshadow base (NYX cream eyeshadow base is my go-to!). Sticky or glue bases may work well for you, but I personally don’t use these or test/swatch my products with them. With all color shifting/duochrome shades, I urge you to use a flat taklon brush or other suitable tool to flatten and align the color shifting component of the eyeshadow. This will create a more uniform and reflective surface.


The FATALIS collection is back, and is permanent!