“Birds of a Feather”, a new permanent eyeshadow collection inspired by Chickens! Spring 2016



I’ve done colors named after birds, butterflies, herbs, orchids, trees, insects, and flowers at different times in the last 18-ish years. Why not chickens?!

Chicken feathers have gorgeous subtle colors and iridescence,  and some breeds lay varied shades of eggs such as blue, mauve, pink or green.

There are twelve shades in this collection- ten a lustrous and glowy, shifting shades. Two are eye-safe borosilicate-based glitter blends.


The name “Birds of a Feather” was suggested by Aradia Diane Willard. I think it’s perfect! There was a lovely teal eyeshadow shade of the same name from a 2012 collection, so I’m borrowing it for this.

This collection will be available in sample baggie sets, and also in a “deluxe deluxe” sample size (Deluxe sample jars with no sifter, and full top and bottom labeling. These contain 1/4 tsp of product and due to the additional labeling, and are $3.75 each), as well as regular full size jars with custom label art/sifter.

If there is enough interest in this collection, I’ll put up a pre-order in the next day or two. Otherwise, the release date is March 20th.

CREVECOEUR.gallus COCHIN.gallus LANGSHAN.gallus SICILIAN.gallus MARANS.gallus FAVEROLLE.gallus AMERAUCANA.gallus BRAHMA.gallus WYANDOTTE.gallus SILKIE.gallus SUMATRA.gallus ORPINGTON.gallus


The above swatches in the promotional grids were done over a layer of NYX cream eye base in skintone, and photographed under a daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulb. Applying dry will result in less dramatic effects, and applying wet or over a glue base will result in much more flashy shifts and iridescence!

Here are some swatches over NYX cream eye base in skintone, photographed in the sunlight:

IMG_0953 IMG_0950 IMG_0946 IMG_0952 IMG_0949

“Birds of a Feather”, a new permanent eyeshadow collection inspired by Chickens! Spring 2016