25 additional slots added to the exclusive X-Files box pre-order!


I am so excited to be working on an X-Files themed box for you! It’s one of my favorite series, and I will be focusing on the overarching mythology of the series, which were always my favorite episodes. This box is an Aromaleigh x Cleolinda Jones collaboration, so you can be sure to see the visual inspirations behind the colors and a whole lot of intensive exploration into the basis for the box colors! You can view a list of episodes that are included in the core mythology, here. 


How many boxes are available?  The initial pre-order of 50 boxes sold out, so I have added 25 additional slots! LIMIT ONE BOX PER CUSTOMER!

When will I be charged?  You will be charged at the time your order is placed, as this is a special order item. Please make note of your purchase so that you don’t end up filing a credit card or paypal dispute.

When will my box ship?  Boxes will ship on MONDAY February 1, 2016 via the ship method you choose.

I am international, can I order?  Yes, as long as Aromaleigh ships to your country. International shipping rates and information can be found HERE. Your payment method and shipping information must match. For example, if you are in the UK using a UK paypal or credit card, we will only ship to you at your UK address. No exceptions, this is for everyone’s security and protection.

What will the box contain?  Right now the box is slated to contain a mini jar highlighter, a mini jar rouge, 3 mini eyeshadows (Two of them are $5/ea retail value/ 1 gram net wt with sifter and top/bottom labels- approximately 1/2 tsp of product, the 3rd one is $7.25/ea retail as it contains premium pigments), an Aromaleigh Nourishing color cream lip tint (Full size/Retail $7), and a 5 ml Aromaleigh eau de parfum spray. That’s a retail value of $48.25, not including all of the special extras that go into giving this box a beautiful and artistic conceptual presentation. I like to see my small collections as works of art, each one completely assembled by hand, by me.

Are these products exclusive to this box? Yes, these are being specially curated for this box. There will be extras available of the products in limited quantities, after all boxes are assembled. These will be offered for sale 15 days after the box ships. There may be some extra complete boxes available once all customers have safely received theirs.

Can I see a sneak peek?  If you click through the images in this listing, you will see a sneak peek of one of the eyeshadows from the box. There will be three shadows, such that you can create a complete look by wearing them together, and the highlighter will also be eye safe.  I can tell you that the lip tint and cheek color will be inspired by Scully’s makeup on the show. Not in terms of harsh 90’s brown lipstick, but rather her gorgeous YLBB and luminous lip and cheek shades used in earlier seasons.

I’m particular about fragrances, can you list exact notes?  The fragrance is inspired by Agent Scully’s religious experience and her constant struggle between her beliefs and the unexplainable things she experiences in her work on the X-Files. Earth, ferns, and mist with soft notes of old wood. Creamy balsam, with delicate spice, dried flowers, orris, and the delicate lift of angelica and muguet.

Is the box vegan?  The box is not completely vegan.

25 additional slots added to the exclusive X-Files box pre-order!