FATALIS is now available in it’s entirety- 10 eyeshadows, 4 multipurpose contour powders, 2 highlighters, 2 lip tints and a diamond finishing powder!

Halloween 2015 brings “Fatalis”, inspired by poisonous flora and fauna. The collection includes 10 vibrant color traveling eyeshadows, 4 unique multipurpose contour powders, 2 highlighters, a finishing powder, and 2 Nourishing Color Creme for lips.  SHOP HERE! 

Fatalis is a seasonal collection. It is available until 12/1, when it will retire until next Halloween season! All colors are depicted as their scientific names, and I’ve included the Ancient Greek and Latin basis for the names and their translations, as well as some information about each color’s inspiration and background. As with all Aromaleigh products, each of these products is a bit of a learning experience… taxonomy and small science lessons included. 😉

The eyeshadows of this collection collection features truly unique, color traveling pigments that display a strong and vibrant color shift under direct, artificial light sources. When they are in between two different light sources, you will be able to see the strongest multiple color transmission. Under direct sunlight or diffused artificial light, the effects are muted or washed out, and you will only see a slight and subtle color shift.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.56.22 PM

The mini jar size of Fatalis eyeshadows have custom label art inspired by each poisonous plant or animal:


Convallaria diamond finishing powder is inspired by the Lily of the Valley. This is a luxe finishing powder which contains “diamond powder”** and distinctive skintone balancing pigments. It’s a pale translucent buff/taupe powder with a very fine, skin smoothing finish and a subtle blue/green pearlescence. The “diamond powder” is a revolutionary light-diffusing diamond copolymer, which is a spherical powder with an entrapped photoluminescent diamond core. This is a sheer finishing powder.

convallaria.swirl convallaria.jars

Fatalis includes two all-over highlight powders that have a strong, glowing iridescent shift. These can multipurpose as all-over face color, cheek or brow highlighter, eyeshadow, etc! They are sheer, very glowy and non-sparkly. They are lustrous. Inspired by the poisonous Manchineel Tree, and Bittersweet Nightshade.





There are two Nourishing Color Creme lip tints, inspired by the crown of thorns starfish, and the black widow spider.  Nourishing Color Creme can be lightly used as a lip tint for pale lips, or layered for heavier tint on light to medium lips. As with all tinted products, this may not have the desired opacity and pigmentation to be obvious on those with darker skin tones. Some ingredient changes from the past Nourishing Color Creme formula includes the addition of Olive oil, Kokum, and Pomegranate butters.



There are four uniquely toned contour powders that can also multipurpose as blush, all-over color, or matte eyeshadows! Inspired by the Estaurine Stonefish, Foxglove, Gila Monster, and Monkshood.





FATALIS is now available in it’s entirety- 10 eyeshadows, 4 multipurpose contour powders, 2 highlighters, 2 lip tints and a diamond finishing powder!