Fatalis, Halloween 2015 Sneak Peek and all about Color Traveling Pigments!


Let’s talk about multichromatic or color traveling colors! These shots are all of the SAME color. This isn’t four different shades.

I’ve been trying to photograph shades from the FATALIS (Halloween 2015) collection and having a heck of a time capturing their incredible shifts in camera. These are brand new effect pigments and my first time photographing them. They have very intense reflective color highlights and as such, my camera had a hard time focusing on them so there is a lot of blurring! They are not as glittery as they look- in fact, when applied over primer, they smooth down into a liquid-metallic look.

The pictures you see here are NOT PHOTOSHOPPED! These are straight off my camera, just taken. These are taken in my kitchen window- with a CFL overhead and natural diffuse window light coming in from the right side. All I did was move my arm in different directions to capture the color shifts. A few notes about my application– it’s over NYX eyeshadow base, applied with a flat taklon brush and then patted down with my finger to further align the pigment particles. Why pat and align? Because no special effects eyeshadow will defy the laws of physics for you, no matter what it’s formulation. The pigment particles must be flattened and aligned to obtain optimal reflective qualities. A metaphor- you can’t see your reflection very well in a pile of broken mirror shards, but you can see it clearly in a flat mirror plane. Same principle! If you want absolutely killer effects with the Fatalis eyeshadows, you have to use a base or primer.

This color is “Hapalochlaena lunulata” and is inspired by the fatally poisonous blue ringed octopus. I call it “Lunulata” for short. smile emoticon This color has a coppery base, but shifts strongly to teal then green then chartreuse and even to a violet/fuchsia- it’s incredible!!!

All of the colors are named after the scientific names of the poisonous plant or animal.

This collection is releasing October 1st!

Fatalis, Halloween 2015 Sneak Peek and all about Color Traveling Pigments!