Sneak peek: “Humanitas” an exquisite duochrome from today’s 3 PM EST Hannibal Primavera box pre-order!

HumanitasHumanitas, an exquisite duochrome eyeshadow which will be part of the Hannibal Primavera box, which opens for ordering at 3 PM EST today. There are 50 boxes available. This is a pre-order/special order. Each box is made by hand to order and will ship October 1st. The product ordering link will be posted on Facebook and also available via the website home page under the “New Products” tab.

The box will contain 3 eyeshadows, a blush, a highlighter, an Aromaleigh nourishing colour creme for lips, and a fragrance by Alchimia Apothecary. All products are inspired by Botticelli’s “Primavera” and the deepersignificance of the painting as it applies to the first half of Hannibal Season 3 which took place in Florence, Italy.

There’s been a lot of questions coming in about the box. First of all, while this box is geared towards fans of Hannibal, it is not a “Hannibal Themed Box”. This box is themed after Botticelli’s painting, Primavera.

You could love this box and it’s shades and not know a single thing about Hannibal. But if you DO love Hannibal, then you’ll truly appreciate the fine detail and explorations into the things that inspire the color names and their meaning.

The colors and fragrance for the box are all inspired by this painting. It just so happens that the first half of Hannibal season 3 takes place in Florence, and is framed around Botticelli’s Primavera- a painting with very deep meaning which also translates into much of the deeper meta throughout the show. In working with Cleolinda and @Tattle_crime we decided to base a collection on something that Hannibal sincerely treasured and appreciated- and that thing was Botticelli’s Primavera.

The concept of the box runs very deep and explores a broad range of themes as exemplified through the characters and the ever-present Botticelli painting, in the first half of the season. I studied this painting extensively while earning my Master of Fine Arts and have also spent my own fair share of time sitting in front of it, in the Uffizi. This collection is very personal to me not just in my love of everything Hannibal, but also Italy, Florence, fine art and mythology.

Right now the box is slated to contain 3 mini eyeshadows, a mini rouge, a mini highlighter, an Aromaleigh nourishing colour creme (yes, that’s a lip product!), and a custom fragrance by Alchimia Apothecary. That’s a retail value of $49.75, not including all of the special extras that go into giving this box a beautiful and artistic conceptual presentation. I like to see my small collections as works of art, each one completely assembled by hand, by me.

There are 50 slots available, and the box price is $48 plus shipping. Orders placed on 8/17 should include only this box- no other items. This is because your order represents a special order for this item, which will ship on OCTOBER 1. There is a limit of one box per customer, and the box can ship internationally- just choose your country and ship option when you check out.

Will the box be warm, cool, neutral? The eyeshadows in the box will all be intense, glowing duochromes. As with all of the past work I did for Ephemera boxes, I strive for optimal wearability of shades for as many customers as possible when offering up something sight unseen to customers. The colors will be inspired by the painting and scenes from Hannibal that reinforce the deep concepts taking place between the two. This is not a simple collection, where we’ve taken a quote from a scene in a show and named a color after it. No- we’re very intensely exploring relations between multiple layers of different storylines and ultimately… the painting.

Alchimia Apothecary will be doing a custom fragrance that is again- inspired by Botticelli’s Primavera. A painting full of orange groves, deep woods, fields of flowers, and a tableau of mythological figures… painted in the height of the Renaissance, in Italy… can you imagine what that might smell like? I can! While Erin and I have been discussing the fragrance and the notes, it is not completed, so I can’t give you a definite idea of the final scent. I can only give you it’s inspiration…

Sneak peek: “Humanitas” an exquisite duochrome from today’s 3 PM EST Hannibal Primavera box pre-order!