Some important June shop updates!

Greetings! I have some important shop updates to tell you about. I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible, but there are quite a few things to let you know about!


1. Paypal acceptance for International customers:  I’m allowing PayPal as a payment method on a trial basis, as of June 5, 2015. There have been serious problems with Paypal disputes and Paypal fraud in the past, which is why Paypal was discontinued and all international shipping was halted for about nine months. International shipping with credit card payment only, has been issue free, so I am willing to give Paypal another try. However, if premature and unreasonable PayPal international disputes arise again, or if there are fraud instances as in the past, PayPal will again be discontinued and credit card only payments will return. MORE INFO HERE…

2. International shipping to Italy has begun, on a trial basis. Orders will show “Cristiana Giulia Calderan” (my legal name) as the shipper, instead of Aromaleigh. We hope that this helps Italian shipments avoid being flagged and confiscated by customs.

3. The CLEARANCE website is closing on August 31, 2015. Final discounts have been taken, bringing eyeshadows down to $2.93 and cheek products to $6.30. Full sizes only are available at this point. Quantities are limited and may sell out at any time. If an item in your order is sold out, you will be refunded. SHOP CLEARANCE

4. New Product discontinuations, and the “Going, Going… GONE!” section: Discontinued collections include Bloom, Brilliant Deductions eyeshadows and some older COTM’s. Colors that sell out won’t be restocked- you will be refunded for any product that can’t be filled for your order. SHOP HERE.

5. Hannibal collaboration with @Cleolinda and @Tattle_crime : We ARE working on a little special something, but there is no ETA for when you’ll be finding the fruits of our labor on the menu…

6. Reformulation questions: Customer service and social media has had a lot of queries about what the reformulation means, when certain collections will be reformulated and when they will be available, or when things will be offered in the deluxe sample jars. Answer: The reformulation is the improvement of each eyeshadow shade’s formula to perform better without primers or glues. It does not remove the need for a primer if you want to see a product’s special effects of duochromes. What you will find is an improved texture, easier application, less fly-away, and a product that looks more vivid and dimensional in the jar.

I’ve been working steadily at getting collections released in the deluxe sample jars. I am currently working on the reformulation/deluxe sample jar release of the Serpens collection, which is 20 shades. This process is very time-intensive, as the formula changes are different for every single color. I estimate the process being completed for Serpens around late July to mid August.

Once I complete Serpens, I will begin on Asteriai and Diavoli (which is returning for Fall release). At the same time, I am also working on the reformulation of all sixty Pure Eyes Frost and Matte shades, which will be reworked into mini collections inspired by Norse Mythology and released in seasonally-appropriate color groupings.

All NEW eyeshadows will be the new formula and include deluxe sample sizing, but with a huge catalog of colors and only myself running all aspects of Aromaleigh other than customer service- the task of making these changes is monumental. Thank you SO much for your patience.

7. I will not be doing any major new collection releases until 2016. This includes Galactic: Mission Two. The reformulation and move into the deluxe sample sizes is taking a lot of time, and I want to complete them in a reasonable amount of time. Anything new that I do will be in the form of a mini collection, such as the sub boxes, goddess of the month, monthly menagerie, and release of the reformulated Pure Eyes Matte/Frosts into Norse mythology sets.

8. I love to hear your requests for the menagerie COTM and the goddess of the month. You can make requests, HERE. Sometimes I will use a customer request as subject matter, and other times I will do something I’ve found on my own. A lot of times, if I don’t use a customer request, it is because another indie has already used that name, or concept within the same context, especially mythical creatures, as the prevalence of this type of theme has become very popular since I began the mythical monsters COTM program last summer.


Some important June shop updates!