April Ephemera review roundup!

Interested in checking out reviews of April’s Ephemera box, which was inspired by the Ancient Roman Floralia festival? Here’s a roundup of reviews so far. The amazing product photos in this post are used with permission from Artistic Shadows Blogs. Emily does such gorgeous swatch work!

Subscriptions are sold out at this time. If any slots become available during May, their availability will be posted on May 21st on our Facebook page with signup on a first come, first served basis. I tried to do a waiting list for this month, and regretfully, it’s not been working out very well.

Links to reviews are under the photo gallery!

I’m late getting this review roundup posted, so I’m sure I missed some reviews. Also, most reviews came in later this month probably because the boxes all arrived around the Easter holiday!

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April Ephemera review roundup!