[PSA] Shop will reopen on 3/31

The shop will be reopening before Noon EST on Tuesday, March 31st! I had originally planned for this Friday (2/27), but have had some unexpected and urgent family things come up, which I’ve been tending to the last few days.

With the reopening, I’ll be extending the vernal equinox eyeshadow (Athbhreith) GWP offer through April 5th, as well as having some things currently in the works listed on the site. (Brilliant Deductions rouge minis, and hopefully, the first five Ignis Antiquita Rouges)

April 1st will bring Aprils COTM, as well as the February Ephemera box extras. If all goes well, I may have a COTM-related surprise for you, fingers crossed! ❤

All April Ephemera boxes will be shipping out April 1, and subscribers will be receiving their shipping notices over the next several days.

When the shop reopens you will see some changes to some of the eyeshadow collections. When a collection’s inventory starts becoming low, I will be marking it as out of stock and indicating a restock date. I hope this cycling helps with efficiency and keeping TAT low. Also, the Pure Eyes Frost and Matte collections are being reformulated now through year end.

Thank you for your support, and if anyone has an emergency order they need to get in during this down time, please send a message to customer service and we will take care of you! 

[PSA] Shop will reopen on 3/31