[PSA] Shop closing, Ephemera subscriber Update!

The shop will close for maintenance at 9 AM EST on 3/22. Ordering will be disabled, and I estimate reopening by Thursday (but it could be later). Thank you for your orders and support, it is much appreciated!



Ephemera Subscribers:

As of yesterday afternoon, individual emails were sent out to every customer affected by the software issues. The emails contain important call to action information, if customers wish to continue their subscriptions.

If you are a subscriber and did not receive an email, please send a message to orders@aromaleighcosmetics.com or aromaleighcosmetics@gmail.com so that we can reply with that important email’s text.

Because of the recurring Woo Commerce software issues, we had to cancel all subscriptions that had previously been managed through the subscription software. Switching to a direct Paypal signup is how most indies handle their monthly subs, so once this switch is completed, the glitches we’ve been having with your monthly payment cycle should cease.

The deadline for signing up to continue your sub is 11:59 PM (Eastern Standard Time) March 22nd.

On the morning of March 23, starting at approximately 9 AM EST, I will begin going through the list, and if the slot has not been signed up for, customers currently waiting for a slot will be chosen to become subscribers.

As of this writing, there are 44 outstanding slots that we are waiting for current subscribers to fill.


[PSA] Shop closing, Ephemera subscriber Update!