[PSA] Ephemera subscribers- important announcements!

[PSA] Ephemera subscribers:

** Important, those paying with credit card- please read the important notice below. Not sure how you are paying? Go to your account page, and scroll down to the subscription section- it will show you how you are paying. If it’s credit card, please change to paypal (more, below)

The 20th of the month is approaching and this means your monthly payment cycle for the subscription will take place. Please make sure you have money in your Paypal accounts to cover your cost.

Also, due to constant issues with the credit card option glitching each month/some credit cards not allowing recurring payments, we going to be only offering Paypal as the payment option (which is standard for all indie subs we know of). If you are a DOMESTIC customer and are currently paying with credit card, please change your payment method to Paypal. Next month, this will be mandatory, but by switching now, you could potentially avert a problem with your order (as happened last month to 50 customers)

If you are INTERNATIONAL and paying with credit card, check your email- we’ve set up an alternate subscription via Paypal for you, and Carol has sent out emails to anyone who is international/canadian.

[PSA] Ephemera subscribers- important announcements!