This month’s Ephemera subscription slot raffle is now open!

This month’s Ephemera sub box slot raffle is open!

There are 25 new slots being added, and there have been ten cancellations to date- which gives us 35 slots currently. This is the last month I will be adding additional slots, as 150 slots is the maximum number I can currently handle.

  • Please sign up by 9 AM on 2/15!
  • Please only sign up for the raffle if you want to purchase a subscription slot. Rafflecopter doesn’t play friendly with mobile devices- so it is best you do this on a computer.
  • Precautions have been taken with the raffle to prevent duplicate entries, but there is still a strict one entry only.

Next month’s box is under way, and most people have determined the theme from the hint eyeshadow sent with last month’s box. The March box will contain 3 eyeshadows, a beautiful rouge, a guest indie lipgloss sample from Kiss my Sass, a sneak peek sample for the April box, and a sneak peek of a vivid duochrome eyeshadow from the upcoming Galactic collection. And candy!


This month’s Ephemera subscription slot raffle is now open!