Monday Deal: 40% off dragon-inspired SERPENS collection! Ends 3 PM EST 12/9!

SERPENS.rectangle40% OFF Monday Deal flash sale! All SERPENS collection shades are marked down 40% off regular price now through 3 PM EST 12/9!

SERPENS is a permanent eyeshadow collection inspired by Dragon lore and mythology from all around the world. We typically associate dragons with European and Norse mythology, forgetting that dragons and serpents are found in the myths of every continent and culture.

Serpens is our creative response to many requests we’ve gotten to do a “Game of Thrones” inspired collection. While we love doing an occasional pop culture collection, our true love is history and mythology. This collection is representative of that, and we hope it fills your dragon void…



Monday Deal: 40% off dragon-inspired SERPENS collection! Ends 3 PM EST 12/9!

EPHEMERA subscription box update!

ephemera.SUBDue to a high level of interest in the subscription box, and a lot of concerned emails, I’ve made some adjustments to ordering dates and available slots. There are now TWO ordering dates, with changes to both dates, times and quantities:

  • Ordering will open on December 12th at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, with 50 slots available.
  • If these 50 slots fill, there will be a second ordering date on December 15th at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time, with an additional 50 slots.
  • Subscriptions placed from both ordering dates will be charged on December 20th for the premiere box. Please read below the break for further details.
  • Bookmark the page…

 Ephemera is a monthly subscription box, new to Aromaleigh for 2015! Ephemera is a word of Greek origin that signifies something being of a short-lived nature, making it a perfect name for this offering.

Each month will include a range of mini jar sizes of exclusively curated products, featuring a specific theme.

Box contents will vary from month to month, but a sample box contents might contain 2 mini jars of eyeshadow, a mini jar of rouge, a mini jar of cheek or face powder, and a sweet treat for you to enjoy. I hope to eventually offer some preview samples from other Indies, as well.

Once you sign up, you are charged for the next month’s Ephemera on the 20th of each month, until such time that you cancel your subscription in your account. (Example: You place your subscription order on December 15th, and are charged for it on December 20th. Your January box will ship the first week of January. February’s box will charged on February 20th automatically, unless you cancel your subscription in your account prior to February 20th. The February box then ships first week of February.)

You must already have a store account, or create one with us in order to subscribe to Ephemera. 

Additional details about shipping, payment and cancellation:

  • Limit of one subscription per customer.
  • The cost of the box is $15 plus the cost of shipping, per month. Orders in the state of South Carolina will also be charged 6% sales tax. Choose your shipping method when you check out.
  • Payment for International Customers- We only accept credit cards for international orders. Your payments will be automated once you subscribe, with your credit card being charged on the 20th of each month.
  • Payment for Domestic Customers: You may choose to pay with either Paypal or your credit card. Your payments will be automated once you subscribe, with your paypal or credit card being charged on the 20th of each month.
  • There is no sign-up fee, or required number of months that you have to join. 
  • Cancellation:  If you decide that you’d like to discontinue receiving Ephemera, simply cancel your subscription from your account page PRIOR TO THE 20th OF THE MONTH. If you cancel your subscription and wish to receive it again at a later date, you may have to wait for a slot to open up.
  • Subscription boxes will begin to ship starting on the first of each month. I will ship all International customer boxes first, because these orders all have extended transit time and need to clear customs- hopefully before the next month’s box is charged and shipped. All boxes will be shipped out by the 7th of each month.


EPHEMERA subscription box update!