pre-order! SOL INVICTUS- Holiday 2014 eyeshadow collection, inspired by the ancient Roman Saturnalia


PRE-ORDER sample or full size sets of the upcoming SOL INVICTUS collection, inspired by the Roman Saturnalia! This is our 2014 Holiday Collection!

The official collection release date is Saturday, November 15th. Pre-ordering guarantees that your order will ship on or before that date!

This collection contains some very special, sparkly, color-traveling pigments that I’ve never used before. I was able to order them in small quantities from the manufacturer, otherwise they’d never be accessible to me as they are exorbitantly expensive (several thousand dollars per kilo!). In short, they’re super costly pigments and because of this, I should be charging $2 per sample and $10 per full size jar for this collection, but I just don’t feel right about doing that, so we’re keeping these at the regular price. But in case you’re feeling hesitant about the price, maybe knowing that these contain some really amazing, precious, luxe pigments will help you justify it.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to start carrying a 3rd product size (minis) but I’m already completely maxed out with running Aromaleigh and keeping up with my real-life responsibilities, that this just isn’t possible for me to do. Aromaleigh is just myself, with a part time helper doing email and some social media stuff for me. There’s a significant limit to what I can do, as I’m also Autistic, a single parent and I homeschool my Son. I hugely appreciate your orders and support, and deeply appreciate your understanding of my limitations. I always do the best I can possibly do, but I can’t ignore my real life, as I did with Aromaleigh for over 12 years.

NOTE: If you order any other items with your pre-order, your entire order will ship altogether- shipments won’t be split. So if you need things sooner, please place separate orders.

Full product details, ingredients, collection graphics and etc are being worked on/programmed now, but here is a sneak peak post with some info about each color.



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pre-order! SOL INVICTUS- Holiday 2014 eyeshadow collection, inspired by the ancient Roman Saturnalia