October’s Top Twenty eyeshadows!

Interested in what eyeshadow colors Aromaleigh customers purchased the most of in October? Here’s the top twenty most purchased colors! It’s interesting to see how October’s picks are very beautiful autumnal tones- reds, oranges, browns and golds. (Here’s September’s picks if you’re interested!) Click on the shades below to link to their product page and full details!

I’m also really happy to see that our two Autism Acceptance shades, #lovenotfear and Neurodivergent made the cut! These two shades are gorgeous, and 25-50% of the sale price goes to Autism Women’s Network/The Golden Hat Foundation! We thank you for helping us to support these awesome organizations!

The top two sellers for October were RAVENSTAG and CTHULHU. Ravenstag has been a top seller for many months now, and it’s actually the top-selling shade heads and shoulders above all others, ever since it’s release in March. Have you tried this shade yet?


October’s Top Twenty eyeshadows!