Holiday 2014 Sneak Peeks! The Saturnalia-inspired “Sol Invictus” eyeshadow collection!

Here’s a few sneak peeks of the upcoming “SOL INVICTUS” holiday 2014 collection. It consists of twelve really complex, sparkling and dramatic shades that are vegan, lip/eye/cheek safe, and can be applied with a regular cream eyeshadow primer or with a glue/sticky base for extra POW. (They are shown photographed with a regular cream base, though- I never swatch over sticky bases for Aromaleigh).

I am hoping to have this collection ready for mid-November release. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more updates! (warning- Facebook has stopped showing our posts to most of you. On average, only 150 of our over 3200 page fans are shown our posts. if you want to see our FB posts, you have to choose to “get notifications” or just visit our page manually (don’t expect to see our posts in your newsfeed- Facebook wants to charge us $20 per post just to show it to 1,000 of you).

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This is “LUXURIAE MANIAE”, from the “Sol Invictus” 2014 Holiday collection. Luxuriae Maniae translates to “luxury to debauch”, which is in part one of the most historically well-known aspects of the Roman Saturnalia. Social roles were reversed, as slaves enjoyed some of the luxury and privilege usually only known to freeman. The typical Roman uniform of the toga was cast aside in favor of extravagant, colorful clothing known as “synthesis”.

This color is applied over Nyx cream eyeshadow primer and has a very prominent duochrome of various tones of gold, bronze and copper- but applied over a sticky primer? This color will pop off the charts! It’s vegan, lip/cheek safe, and formulated for maximum impact!

* photographed under a daylight lamp (seems to show the best effects of these latest formulations)


“Unchained Revelry” from our upcoming Saturnalia-inspired holiday collection! Even if you don’t know much about Saturnalia, mere mention of it brings to mind a week of ancient Roman style partying and debauchery. But that’s not all that it was about. It was an occasion for giving thanks for bountiful harvest (Saturn was an agricultural God), as well as the winter solstice- the return of the invincible sun. Social order was reversed, there were large public banquets, and it was a time of gift-giving, song, dance, time off from work, and overall, joyous merry-making!

This color is a gorgeous berry shade that shifts to a softly metallic copper, with brilliant iridescent fuchsia and blue sparkles and copper iridescence. This color will knock your socks off in person- unfortunately, these shades are so very difficult to photograph! IoSaturnalia

This color is “Io, Saturnalia!” from our upcoming Holiday collection, “Sol Invictus”. “Io, Saturnalia!” was a salutation commonly heard during conversation during the holiday, much like our “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”.

While Saturnalia was a very colorful and festive celebration, the main colors were blue and gold. Ancient Romans decorated outdoor trees with ornaments called “oscilla” and symbols of this being a solar celebration (this is actually the origin of our putting a star on top of our Christmas trees, as well as the origin of decorating a tree in the first place!).

This shade is vegan, lip/eye/cheek safe. It is a smooth rich teal blue with prominent gold/copper/red color traveling sparkles!

The color is photographed over a regular cream eyeshadow primer- I do not photograph Aromaleigh swatches over glue/epoxy primers, but you can certainly use such primer to produce more dramatic effects with the Sol Invictus shades. SIGILLARIA

This color is “SIGILLARIA”. The day of Sigillaria was a day for exchanging little gifts. Unlike today’s lavish gift-giving of the season, the Romans exchanged small tokens of affection, such as little clay figures, beeswax candles, dice or other small, non-costly items. The most common gift on Sigillaria (December 23) was Sigillaria, which were specifically small clay or wax figurines. It is believed that this tradition stems from more ancient agricultural festivals, which involved human sacrifice. The act of exchanging Sigillaria is seen today in our tradition of gingerbread man cookies! So this holiday, when you eat a figurine-shaped cookie, recall the ancient Romans and their day of little gifts.

This color is a gorgeously rich amber which is slightly metallic and having a spectacular amount of strong aqua and fuchsia sparklies. (The photo barely captures how pretty and unique this color is in real life- I’ve never made a color like this and I think last time I counted, I’ve made over 1000 eyeshadow shades in the last 16 years! So that says a lot, LOL!) The color-shifting sparklies are very dominant in perrson!

I don’t have an ETA yet for this collection, but a rough estimate is the 2nd week of November. There are twelve luxe shades in the collection, and they all contain exquisite multichromatic color traveling pigments that are super sparkly (and are debuting in this collection).

“Lua Saturni” from the upcoming “Sol Invictus” Saturnalia-inspired holiday collection! This is our 5th sneak peek.Lua was Saturn’s consort, identified with Lua Mater, “Mother Destruction”, a goddess in whose honor the weapons of enemies killed in war were burned, perhaps in expiation. Saturn’s chthonic nature connected him to the underworld and its ruler Dis Pater, the Roman equivalent of Pluto, who was also a god of hidden wealth. In sources of the 3rd century AD and later, Saturn is recorded as receiving dead gladiators as offerings (munera) during or near the Saturnalia. These gladiator events, ten days in all throughout December, were presented mainly by the quaestors and sponsored with funds from the treasury of Saturn.Lua Saturni is a heathered deep indigo/violet (will change from more blue to more violet depending on your viewing conditions) with dominant blue to teal sparkles that color shift to fuchsia/red.

This color is vegan, lip/eye/cheek safe!


Today’s “Sol Invictus” sneak peek is also the namesake color for the collection. It means “invincible sun” in Latin, and this was the overall nature of the Saturnalia revelry- a Winter Solstice celebration. The Winter Solstice being the shortest day of the year, which marks the point at which the sun is “reborn” and days become longer. Saturn was also an agricultural God, so this time of year for the Romans marked the point at which their Fall plantings were being sown, while others were being harvested. December 25th marked ” Dies Natalis Solis Invicti” – the birthday of the invincible sun.

This color is a beautiful coral shade with a slight golden undertone in certain lighting, bedazzled by color traveling orange-violet-fuchsia shimmer and bright green sparks.

Being Pagan and also of Italian ancestry, I am really enjoying the creation of this collection. I’ve been doing in-depth research about Saturnalia for the last two months, and this year we’re going to incorporate many aspects of it into our winter solstice celebration- with a modern twist, at least. I’ve gotten an awesome cookbook full of Ancient Roman recipes by Apicius, and will be trying some out, and lots of neat ideas for a modern day Saturnalia festival. If you’re interested in seeing some of that or hearing about it, let me know. My Son is looking forward to being the “Lord of Misrule” and being able to order me around and play practical jokes on me… I’m looking forward to taking a bit of time off (nobody worked during Saturnalia) because I never take time off from Aromaleigh during the holidays or close down during that time.


“LORD OF MISRULE” from the upcoming Saturnalia-inspired “Sol Invictus” collection! This is my favorite shade in the collection, and true to fashion, it was SO difficult to get a good photo of this one! It’s a gorgeous taupe base with really strong orange-red-violet color traveling iridescence. It’s a neutral with an amazing, shimmery twist!

“Imperial sources refer to a Saturnalicius princeps whoruled as master of ceremonies for the proceedings. He was appointed by lot, and has been compared to the medieval Lord of Misrule at the Feast of Fools. His capricious commands, such as “Sing naked” or “Throw him into cold water,” had to be obeyed by the other guests at the convivium (public banquet): he creates and (mis)rules a chaotic and absurd world. The future emperor Nero is recorded as playing the role in his youth.” (source Wikipedia)

Families often chose their own lord of misrule, usually a child, whom for a short while was able to enjoy this special role, play jokes on family members and further the festive occasion within the home.

There are twelve shades in this collection, and they are all vegan and eye/lip/cheek safe. ETA for collection release is mid-November!


“Topsy Turvy”, a gorgeous multi-dimensional festive green with amber metallic lowlights and color-shifting highlight sparkles that keep this color ever-changing, just like the aspect of the ancient Roman Saturnalia festival which is personifies- that of upending the regular social order.

Slaves acted as free men/women, donning the red pileus cap during the celebrations. Social order within the family might also be changed up, between children and parents, and likewise. It must have been an interesting time, in a culture with such strict social hierarchy, for masters to be serving slaves, and participating in activities they normally could not.

During Saturnalia, the Romans decorated their homes with clippings of laurel branches, and what holiday collection would be complete without a beautiful, sparkling green shade? Even if you think you can’t wear green eyeshadow, you’ll want to sample this one- the color-shifting chromatics make this shade appear differently depending on angle of viewing and lighting. It’s quite surprising!

There will be 12 shades in this collection, and it is scheduled for mid-November launch. All shades are vegan, and are eye/lip/cheek safe- even the greens, blues and purples! OPALIA

OPALIA, named after the December 19 festival of Saturn’s consort, Ops, is a delicate opalescent pink with bountiful pink to blue color shift. This color would be a perfect shade for highlighting the brow, or even on the cheeks or to add shimmer to the lips!

“The ancient Roman fertility goddess Ops was known by several different names—among them Rhea, Cybele, Bona Dea, Magna Mater, Thya, and Tellus. She married Saturn and was the mother of Jupiter, and was usually portrayed as a matron, with a loaf of bread in her left hand and her right hand opened as if offering assistance. There were actually two festivals in her honor. The Opalia was observed on December 19, when it is believed that a sacrifice to Ops was made in the temple of Saturn. On August 25, the Opiconsivia, the sacrifice took place in the Regia or king’s house.

Not much is known about what actually took place during the Opalia. There is even some disagreement as to whether Ops was the wife of Saturn or the wife of Consus. The fact that the Opalia was held four days after the Consualia on December 15, and that the Opiconsivia was held four days after the festival in honor of Consus on August 21 has been used to support the theory that Ops was actually the wife of Consus. In any case, it appears that women played an important role in the festival. Because Ops was a fertility goddess, she was often invoked by touching the earth.” (Source:

This collection is set for mid-November release and will have twelve shades total. They are all vegan and lip/eye/cheek safe, so you can use them anywhere, any way you want! I have not done a lot of very sparkly shades for a long, long time- but the holidays are the perfect time to get out the sparkle, so I released myself from words like “lip safe” and “glitterbombs are bad” to just get as creative and sparkly as I felt due. The result is this very festive collection! I hope you are enjoying these sneak peeks!

Holiday 2014 Sneak Peeks! The Saturnalia-inspired “Sol Invictus” eyeshadow collection!

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