Focus on: Aromaleigh Halloween 2014, “DIAVOLI” – blogger looks, swatches & reviews!

This collection is breathtaking. Imagine fire opals, raven’s wings and smouldering embers. These shadows are as close as you will get to capturing the kind of dark iridescense. If Perdition were really this beautiful, everyone would want to go there. -A recent review of “Diavoli” from our website, by Zillah


Our Halloween 2014 collection (and actually, our first Halloween collection in all of Aromaleigh history) came out a few weeks ago, and reviews, swatches and looks using it are starting to come in, so I thought I would try to compile as much of them together as I could, so that you could check out this collection! Consider this to be Part I, because we recently sent out samples to numerous bloggers, and we’ll have their reviews hopefully later this week! [obligatory SHOP button]

First up, let’s check out this sorcery from Pandora’s Makeup Box. Mercury has succeeded in working magic by capturing so much of the real-life effects of “Alichino” both in video and in a multi-faceted swatch-fest showing the color from all different angles and using different bases! Lucky you, she’s working on swatching the rest of the collection this way, too!



Next, we have two spectacular looks by Blix/Glitter is my Crack, both using the DIAVOLI collection:

Em.diavoliWearing Ciriatto, Cagnazzo, Calcabrina and Draghignazzo. Check out her blog post for more views and all the details!

Em.diavoli.softWearing Malacoda, Farfarello, Graffiacane and Barbariccia. Check out her blog post for more views and all the details!


Next up, we have the swatching awesomeness that is Indie Know. They’ve posted Part I of their Diavoli collection spotlight, and it’s a must-view! (We’ll be sharing Part II of their review when we share our Diavoli roundup Part II as well!) Kristen of Indie Know writes, “It’s clear how much love the creator has for the Inferno. Ignoring the fact that this is a wonderful collection (we’ll get back to that in a minute), each product page has a descriptive blurb on the origin of the name and potentially the inspiration that Dante drew from. I feel like I’ve almost gotten a primer on the Inferno just from reading through the product descriptions. But as for the collection itself, it is a set of 13 eyeshadows, each named after one of the 13 demons (or Malebranche) of the Divine Comedy. Each has been made with “multichromatic pigments” and as such, this is a set of strong duochrome shades.”

Check out the full post and review (Part I), HERE!

Below are some of Indie Know’s swatches- you can really see the multichromatic and color shifting effects of these shadows in these various lighting conditions- they have the ability to completely transform into a different color depending on the lighting conditions!

Aromaleigh Diavoli _Swatch Set 1 Aromaleigh Diavoli Cagnazzo Aromaleigh Diavoli Ciriatto-1 Aromaleigh Diavoli Draghignazzo


Next up, we have skin swatches from Emily of ArtisticShadows Etc. She worked super-hard at swatching the collection, trying several different bases and lighting conditions. The results? Awesome! Definitely click through to her blog for her full review, and click on any of the images for enlargements- you can really see those color effects in her larger image sizes! Emily says, “Today I have the Diavoli Collection from Aromaleigh for you! Let me just tell you how great this collection is. The color shifts are absolutely AMAZING! I’ve swatched this collection 3 separate times to try my best to capture all the color shifts.”












Focus on: Aromaleigh Halloween 2014, “DIAVOLI” – blogger looks, swatches & reviews!