Sneak Preview- OKEANIDES “Daughters of Oceanus” eyeshadow collection

We’re very excited to bring you a sneak preview of a new mini collection, which will be arriving next week at Aromaleigh! This collection is “OKEANIDES”, which translates to “Daughters of Oceanus”, and it was the idea of Kristen’s son, Connor. He just completed his first year of homeschooling, and decided he wanted to work on a collection with his Mom during his summer break.

Connor just turned twelve, and Aromaleigh has been part of his life since his birth. He grew up in and around Aromaleigh, although he doesn’t remember all the time he spent in a baby sling while he slept as his Mom worked. He has contributed his creative ideas to several past collections, such as Les Papillons, Spells, Mythos, Wonderstruck, Ancient Magick and Ever in Your Favor.

His newest idea is a mini collection of ten shades, all based on Greek female oceanic deities and sea monsters. Greek Mythology is one of Connor’s special interests, and he feels that the female deities don’t get another attention. He felt that Summer was the perfect time to do a collection of water/ocean inspired colors, because everyone likes to have fun in the water in the summer. This ocean-themed collection is also special to him, because he recently lost his first dog, Neptune, to cancer on April 20th.

Connor has done mostly all of the research for his ideas, and  he and Mom worked together to create all ten shades, which are based on a classical painting that they researched together.

Color descriptions will be available when the collection releases, and many of these are the gorgeous satin metallic finish, which many of you have voiced a preference for!


THETIS was a goddess of the sea and the leader of the fifty Nereides. Like many other sea gods she possessed the gift of prophesy and power to change her shape at will. She was frequently depicted with a mermaid tail. Her color was inspired by this painting by John William Waterhouse.

John_William_Waterhouse_-_MermaidGALATEAGALATEA was one of the Nereides, fifty goddess-nymphs of the sea. Her name means either “the goddess of calm seas” from galênê and theia or “milky-white” from galaktos. Her color is inspired by this painting by Louis Dorigny.

Louis_Dorigny_-_Galatea_-_WGA06602 EUROPAIn some stories, Europa is said to be a daughter of Okeanus and Tethys. In others, she is a Princess of Phoinikia (Phoenicia in West Asia) who was abducted to Krete )in the Greek Aegean) by Zeus in the form of a bull. Her color is inspired by this gorgeous painting by Noël-Nicolas Coypel, “The Abduction of Europa”.




KIRKE (or Circe) was a goddess pharmakeia (witch or sorceress) who lived with her nymph attendants on the mythical island of Aiaia. She was skilled in the magic of metamorphosis, the power of illusion, and the dark art of necromancy. Her color is inspired by this painting by John William Waterhouse, “Circe Invidiosa”





LIGEIA SEIRENES (or Sirens) were three sea nymphs who lured sailors to their death with a bewitching song. They were formerly handmaidens of the goddess Persephone. Ligeia was one of the more famous sirens, whose name means “shrill” or “clear-toned”. Her color is inspired by this painting by Herbert James Draper- “Ulysses and the Sirens” 

2.j-. sirens climb aboard even when tied to the mast- still see themAMPHITRITEAMPHITRITE was the goddess queen of the sea, the wife of King Poseidon. Some say she was one of the fifty Nereides, others an Okeanis, but most simply describe her as the female personification of the sea. Her color is inspired by this painting by Hughes Taraval, “The Triumph of Amphitrite”

1976-2NEMESISNEMESIS was the goddess of indignation against, and retribution for, evil deeds and undeserved good fortune. In some stories, she is a daughter of Okeanos. Her color is inspired by this painting by Pierre Paul Prud’hon- “Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime” (Nemesis is the Goddess of vengeance depicted in the painting)




 SKYLLA (or Scylla) was a monstrous sea goddess who haunted the rocks of certain narrow strait opposite the whirlpool daemon KharybdisLate classical writers say that she was once a beautiful nymph who was loved by the sea-god Glaukos. She has a jealous rival in the witch Kirke who used her magics to transform Skylla into a monster. Her color is inspired by this depiction of her as a nymph, by Bartholomaus Spranger – “Glaucus and Scylla”

PLEIONEPLEIONE was an Okeanid nymph of Mount Kyllene (Cyllene) in Arkadia (southern Greece). She was the wife of the Titan Atlas, who bore him a bevy of beautiful daughters, including the PLEIADES, who represent the seven mythical sisters in the Pleiades star cluster. Her color is inspired by this painting of her daughters, by Elihu Vedder.

KETOKETO (or Ceto) was a marine goddess who personified the dangers of the sea. She was more specifically a goddess of whales, large sharks, and sea-monsters. Another name for her is LAMIA, which means “shark”. Her color is inspired by this painting by John William Waterhouse, “Lamia”.


Sneak Preview- OKEANIDES “Daughters of Oceanus” eyeshadow collection

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