June 8th Aromaleigh weekly wrap-up! Dragons, Hannibal, Shakespeare, and other happenings…

Here’s this week’s wrap-up! Many things are in the works or on the immediate horizon. There’s excitement about dragons, antique roses, new blush colors and something about Shakespeare? The recent satin metallic finish colors are a hit, so more of those are on the way. Meanwhile, Kristen is giddy over a new shipment of pigment samples with amazing new effects/colors, and her work on the new website is looking very fine! Now on to the official stuff…


New website update: The new Aromaleigh site is well under way! It has cool product filtering features (sort by color/collection/finish/tone), product reviews, wishlist, sharing, customer accounts and more! Kristen is in the process of adding products, which is the most time consuming part, as each one has to be manually added (our current Yahoo store platform has no export feature). ETA for now is end of July, but sooner if at all possible. The new site will also have a smart, new and modern design- carrying through over 15 years of Aromaleigh branding into the future. We’re really excited about it! (You can sneak peek the new site, HERE. Please note that the design is not final and it’s been changing constantly as new features and more products are added. It’s evolving!)


Every Sunday, we will be hosting a fun giveaway on FACEBOOK! Last Sunday, we gave away 4 full sized eyeshadows.

Last week’s question was: “What does your holy grail blush or rouge color look like?” Here’s what last week’s event looked like. There were many great suggestions in this comment thread for blush colors and formulas. What we never realized was that so many people seem to prefer a matte formula!  There are two new lines of blush/cheek colors in the works and they’ll incorporate many of your suggestions! One will be themed after Antique/Heirloom/Vintage roses, and the other will be Ignis Antiquita cheek colors- continuing the theme of history’s forgotten women.

Congratulations to Heather Funk, she won four full size eyeshadows and will be receiving them in her mailbox soon!


Next up, product clearance and discontinues: 

Hundreds of items added to our Clearance page! New creative path, new products on the way!

Check out Kristen’s message about these changes, the new creative direction she will be taking Aromaleigh in, and information about our new website that is currently in the works,HERE.


New weekly sale items are up! Since we have a large proportion of our current catalog on clearance right now, we will be offering fewer weekly sale items. The Monday deal will still occur as regularly scheduled. Check out the weekly sale items: HERE.


Our Hannibal-Inspired collection, “THIS IS MY DESIGN” sees one new releases this week, for a new total of 25 shades. More colors are in the works! This collection may see a total of 26-30 colors at completion. Check out this write-up about the collection at PAPER DROIDS!

This week’s color is a beautiful veil of aqua iridescence, inspired by some varied concepts as well as the show’s cinematography. You can check out photo inspiration and back story, HERE.


Below, Check out these, and future TIMD color combinations from Cleolinda- she’s paired them up with the photo inspirations from the show.

1469910_799832530041269_9053636695516390740_n 10309025_800499619974560_1115981598189234824_n





She’s also been doing amazing photo inspiration and creative conception back-story posts for each of the shades from THIS IS MY DESIGN, and we’ve linked to them on our site on each color’s individual page. She created this grid of the collection when it was at 20 shades, last week- we have it as our desktop wallpaper!

Click through to see the big size file of this one, and check out all of Cleolinda’s posts tagged Aromaleigh. She does lots of skin swatches, and talks color combinations and application, too!



Our winning shade for June color of the month was “FATEFUL STORM”, suggested by Zillah.

It’s a deep steel gray satin base with navy tones, and a strong gold metallic duochrome shift. It also has some pale coppery microshimmer.

This color is shifty, and you’ll get drastic different effects by applying it dry, over primer, or with a sealant. Our swatch photos are over a very light layer of primer, with the color patted on. It appears more gray/blue dry, and when applied over primer, the gold duochrome shifts it into green tones sometimes!

It was suggested by Zillah during our monthly suggestion thread. The color is in honor of the June 6th D-Day Invasion, in which weather played a crucial factor. Thanks everyone for participating in our monthly thread, this is a gorgeous color and we hope you love it! Zillah, keep an eye on your mailbox for your full size jar of this great shade!



We also went ahead and did a 2nd COTM, “Mater Matuta”! We’ve definitely had some Roman-themed colors this year, such as “Bona Dea”, “Et tu, Brute?” and “Janus Primus, Vesta Extrema”. This one is in that same concept.

Mater Matuta was the Roman dawn goddess, worshipped by women during the June festival of Matralia. She is also known as Aurora, or Eos. (The festival of the Mater Matuta, Matralia- was held on June 11 and was marked by several unusual customs—among them that only free women in their first marriage might take part and that their prayers were not for their own children but for those of their sisters.)

The color was originally suggested as a pale pink with gold shimmer, but we adapted it to reflect more of the deeper, pre-dawn colors of the rising sun. It’s a satin rose/buff base with a rosy metallic undertone and sparkles of copper and rose.


This painting is the inspiration for the color! Cephalus and Aurora (Eos), by Nicolas PoussinCephalusAuroraPoussin

June 8th Aromaleigh weekly wrap-up! Dragons, Hannibal, Shakespeare, and other happenings…