May 23rd weekly wrap-up: New releases, Sales, Discontinues, Last day to vote for COTM!

A lot of great things to update this week! With all of the activity lately, we’re going to be doing weekly wrap-up posts so that you can easily access it all in one place.


Then, join us on FACEBOOK! Every Sunday, we will be hosting a fun giveaway. Last Sunday, we gave away 4 full sized eyeshadows. Here’s what last week’s event looked like. It’s fun to read through everyone’s favorite products and colors, isn’t it?




Next up, product clearance and discontinues: Hundreds of items added to our Clearance page! New creative path, new products on the way!

Check out Kristen’s message about these changes, the new creative direction she will be taking Aromaleigh in, and information about our new website that is currently in the works,HERE.


Some new weekly sale items went up yesterday! Since we have a large proportion of our current catalog on clearance right now, we will be offering fewer weekly sale items. The Monday deal will still occur as regularly scheduled. Check out the weekly sale items: HERE.


The SERPENS collection is on 25% off sale this week, and this week’s new shade is a gorgeous soft coral/pink called SHIMCHONG. Check out the entire collection, HERE.


Did you miss last week’s shade? It was TARASQUE, shown here next to it’s visual inspiration, a gorgeous painting of St. Martha and the Tarasque.




Our Hannibal-Inspired collection, “THIS IS MY DESIGN” sees two new releases this week, for a new total of 22 shades. More colors are in the works! This collection may see a total of 26-30 colors at completion. Check out this write-up about the collection at PAPER DROIDS!



Cleolinda has been doing amazing photo inspiration and creative conception back-story posts for each of the shades from THIS IS MY DESIGN. She created this grid of the collection when it was at 20 shades, last week- we have it as our desktop wallpaper!

Click through to see the big size file of this one, and check out all of Cleolinda’s posts tagged Aromaleigh. She does lots of skin swatches, and talks color combinations and application, too!


May 23rd weekly wrap-up: New releases, Sales, Discontinues, Last day to vote for COTM!