Time to vote on JUNE colors of the month!

It’s that time again! Place your votes below for both the June “throwback” eyeshadow and for the brand new June “special edition” colors! Voting closes on MAY 24th!


We don’t have skin swatches available for these throwback shades, but you will find an amazing amount of fantastic beauty blogger swatches if you go to google and type in Aromaleigh swatch and the color name!


Next up is the poll for June’s special edition color. Suggestions were slow to come in, but everyone really came through with a lot of incredible color names and ideas! Can we add a vote to make every single one of these? Kristen loved the antique/vintage roses idea so much that she thought this would make a great themed blush collection for the upcoming new cheek colors.


Here’s some of the photo references that were provided on our Facebook for the colors!

Amnesia Rose: 10329254_10101401272131622_3322763854489608611_n Fateful Storm: 10371746_10204041108968311_8422268414872606599_n Flaming June: 10394868_10204052924983704_1029078260461442375_n

Time to vote on JUNE colors of the month!