Hundreds of items added to our Clearance page! New creative path, new products on the way!

We have just added a considerable number of products to the DISCONTINUED section. We’ve been considering these changes for a while, and our May 1st corporate changes sealed the deal. Most importantly, Aromaleigh is not going out of business! The majority of the discontinued products are Aromaleigh v1 product/dupes that were made available because we did not have the budgeting available for completely new concepts, formulations and creative work. The products here are marked down, and available while quantities last. As of 5/17, we have jar/sample inventory on the shelves, as well as larger jarred batches in back. We estimate that these products will remain available for the next few months. of course if there is high order volume for these discontinued products, we’ll communicate that you you.

Kristen is currently working on a brand new website, and these products won’t be moved on to that site (current ETA for the new site is 3 months from now). She’s prepared a statement (click on first link, below!) about the new creative mission and direction she wants to take Aromaleigh in, now that she is back in full creative and budgetary control. This is an exciting time for us, but we want to make sure that you remain confident in the products and direction of Aromaleigh. If you have any suggestions for new product lines, collections, or improved/updated versions of any of these discontinued products, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to send an email to

ABOUT THE DISCONTINUATIONS - New products, new creative paths!

50% OFF CLEARANCE ~ Lost in Faerie Limited Edition Mineral Eyeshadow (Revisited!)

50% OFF CLEARANCE! - Love is in the Air... Limited Edition Eyeshadows - Starting to sell out!

Clearance Voile Mineral Foundation - Medium Pink - 3P

Clearance Voile Mineral Foundation - Deep Pink - 4P

Clearance Voile Mineral Foundation - Dark Linen - 5L

[DISCONTINUED] ALCHEMIE metallic lustre eyeshadows - vegan/cruelty free

[DISCONTINUED] PURE DRAMA mineral eyeliner/eyeshadow - vegan/cruelty free

[DISCONTINUED] DRAMA QUEEN mineral powder eyeshadow/eyeliner - vegan/cruelty free

[DISCONTINUED] CHIARA shimmering jewel tone mineral eyeshadow - vegan/cruelty free

[DISCONTINUED] SYLPH Silky Mineral Cheek Colour

[DISCONTINUED]  BETE NOIRE dramatic mineral eyeshadow - vegan/cruelty free

[DISCONTINUED] GET CHEEKY vivid rouge (based on v1 Rocks! Sonic Rouge)

[DISCONTINUED] MUSE plush finish mineral eyeshadow - vegan/cruelty free

[DISCONTINUED] PURE ROUGE Classic Mineral Cheek Color

[DISCONTINUED] PURE EYES LUSTRE mineral eyeshadow - cruelty free

[DISCONTINUED] STARBRIGHT Gothic Lolita Mineral Shimmer- 7 whimsical, sparkling shades - vegan/cruelty free


[DISCONTINUED]  "Rotating sifters for Mineral Makeup Jars

[DISCONTINUED] PURE BLUSH easy-wear mineral powder blush

[DISCONTINUED] PURE BRONZE loose mineral bronzing powder- vegan/cruelty free

Hundreds of items added to our Clearance page! New creative path, new products on the way!