Let’s vote on the MAY special edition and throwback eyeshadow colors!

It’s time to cast your votes towards the colors you’d like to see for May! Last day to vote is April 25th. Please only vote for ONE selection per poll!

Each month, we open up threads on our Facebook page. One for suggestions for a brand new themed color, and the other for requests to bring back an old Aromaleigh v1 shade. We discuss it, tally it all up, and post them here!

First up, the throwback shade! 

We’ve put “Mania’s Locus” and “Seed Pearl” into the poll, based on this and last month’s requests We don’t have swatches or looks showing these colors- the best way to see tons of gorgeous swatches and eye looks from beauty bloggers is to go a google image search. For example, Aromaleigh AND Miuccia – will bring up many results for that gorgeous color. Aromaleigh didn’t used to do the large, beautiful swatch grids that we now offer, so this is the only way to see these beautiful shades.

Next up is the May Special Edition shade. Like most months, this is going to be tough. There were just so many amazing ideas suggested this month!

The above Special Edition shade ideas were based on ideas and discussions on our Facebook page. Some of the ideas were discussed by several people, so it’s difficult to give credit to just one person. Most of the ideas are collaborations, and sometimes we would use a color description idea and pair it with a different concept, because it worked (in the case of Greensleeves). You can view the discussions, HERE.

Let’s vote on the MAY special edition and throwback eyeshadow colors!