Let’s vote on the APRIL special edition and throwback colors!

It’s time to cast your votes towards the colors you’d like to see for April! Last day to vote is March 24th. Please only vote for ONE selection per poll!

Each month, we open up threads on our Facebook page. One for suggestions for a brand new themed color, and the other for requests to bring back an old Aromaleigh v1 shade. We discuss it, tally it all up, and post them here!

First up, the throwback shade! This month was difficult- only 2-3 colors popped up more than once in the requests. Please see the note about the color requests for Biscotti, below the poll. We also threw in two stellar shades from the ASTRONOMICAL collection- the shades in this collection are just gorgeous, but it was released very close to Aromaleigh’s 2010 closing, so the collection ended up sort of between the cracks.

We don’t have swatches or looks showing these colors- the best way to see tons of gorgeous swatches and eye looks from beauty bloggers is to go a google image search. For example, Aromaleigh AND Miuccia – will bring up many results for that gorgeous color. Aromaleigh didn’t used to do the large, beautiful swatch grids that we now offer, so this is the only way to see these beautiful shades.

**Biscotti has been a popular request the last two months. We are not including it in the poll because we don’t have a sample of it here to dupe it and no recipe! So the deal is this: we will dupe biscotti for you IF we receive at least 1/4 tsp equivalence of samples. This means we need FOUR samples sent in, since Aromaleigh v1 samples were 1/16 tsp each. If you have a sample of Biscotti you would like to send in, please email us at orders@aromaleigh.com (of course we will send you some of the duped Biscotti as a thank you!)

Next up is the April Special Edition shade. This is going to be tough. So many fantastic ideas were suggested this month! How can we possibly choose just one? Or two? Or four?  See below the poll for additional comments about the shades/contributors/etc!

The Planetfall and color description were suggested by Jen T. Mary and Gabh suggested cherry blossoms/sakura and a cherry blossom pink shade- we took this to a different level, to craft a color inspired by the night festivals for the cherry blossom in order to achieve the duochrome effect Mary had requested. Gabh suggested a color based on National Poetry Month, inspired by the color “pavot” but more neutral. Csenge suggested a color based on St. George and the dragon- we love this idea and plan to do a whole new collection based on dragons! Jen T. suggested the idea for a color for our suggested name, Gargouille. We suggested a Josephine Baker themed shadow- and several of you agreed! Kiran suggested that the shade be a yellow/green duochrome. We thought this sounded great with some added bronze shimmer. Walpurgisnacht was added as an afterthought by Kristen- she really wants to do an eyeshadow inspired by Walpurgisnacht!

Let’s vote on the APRIL special edition and throwback colors!