Sneak Peek! “Et Tu, Brute?” and “Skeleton Key” (March Special Edition eyeshadows)

Special thanks to everyone who participated in our Facebook suggestion threads and voting polls for March Special Edition colors! We really appreciate your participation and involvement in this fun monthly interaction.

These sneak peeks will be available in the web store on March 1!


Here, a sneak peek of “Et tu, Brute?”. This eyeshadow shade was the winner of our March special edition eyeshadow suggestions and poll! This shade is a rich Tyrian purple with red duochrome and shards of red sparks. It represents the Ides of March and the assassination of Caesar by the Roman Senate, in which even his friend Brutus was involved. Tyrian purple was a brilliant violet shade worn by royals and those of the highest social status. It is believed that Caesar’s love of wearing this color may even have led to his assassination, out of fear that he was aspiring to make himself King.

It is speculated that Caesar was stabbed at least 23 times. While his last words are unknown, it was Shakespeare who popularized “Et tu, Brute?”, and the phrase has stuck as Caesar’s last words, imploring his good friend Brutus of his involvement in the betrayal.


“Skeleton Key” from the v1 “Victoria’s Revenge” collection was this month’s throwback shade winner! This is a dupe of the original color, so it is not exact. This eyeshadow was previously described as: “Will the key fit, opening her box of secrets? Glories of precious metal’s silver and the holographic sparkles of what can only be magick…”

This is still a fitting description, but you will also find this shade to be a mutable grey with a golden highlight, and exquisite blue to violet sparks throughout. It can be rather chameleon like in it’s mutability.

This is a color that sold out very quickly when it was available years ago, so lots of people missed out on it’s beauty and only heard about it through the grapevine.

Sneak Peek! “Et Tu, Brute?” and “Skeleton Key” (March Special Edition eyeshadows)