IGNUS ANTIQUITA – “Ancient Fire” eyeshadows inspired by history’s forgotten women

Check out the new swatch grids for all forty shades of this inspiring new collection- these colors are all duochrome/multichrome effects with plush to frost finishes. These shadows don’t contain larger particle size “sparks” or mineral-based glitters, so you should find them very wearable even for everyday looks!

This new collection is permanent (not limited edition), and is our first new collection of our 15th birthday year, which we hope will bring many new things. We plan to continue with this concept, and release some duochrome type of blushes and highlighting powders as well.

The name of the collection is “Ignus Antiquita”, suggested by our Facebook fan Lisemarie. It is Latin for “ancient fire”, and is a wonderful fit for this collection, which is inspired by amazing women throughout history who have been largely forgotten, or had their histories revised or greatly embellished. We’ve got some great background information for each woman currently detailed on our Facebook page, here. This info will be transcribed over to our website once we have the page for this collection fully programmed.

Right now you can purchase SAMPLE SETS! Full sizes, single samples and full size sets will be added for the collection’s January 1 release.

tamar.gridboudicca.gridursula.gridphryne.gridhonoria.gridkhutulun.gridadelaide.gridurraca.gridmelisende.GRIDyael.GRIDrazia.GRID telesilla.GRID enheduanna.grid gwenllian.GRID chiomara.GRID tomoe.grid freydis.GRIDhildegardsappho.grid lucrezia.grid zenobia.grid aethelflaed.GRID trotula.grid hervor.GRID arachidamia.grid agnodice.grid hypatia.grid skuld.grid theodora.grid penthesilea.grid lozen.grid blenda.grid clotilda.grid agrippina.grid lagertha.grid hatshepsut.grid tomyris.grid aspasia.grid eleanor.grid aradia.grid

IGNUS ANTIQUITA – “Ancient Fire” eyeshadows inspired by history’s forgotten women