“Earth Sea Sky” LE eyeshadows on 40% OFF clearance- Colors starting to sell out!

The lovely duochrome collection is at 40% OFF- let’s make room for some fabulous new Spring shades!

Colors are starting to sell out- Gildedoak, Sacredwoods, Spiritmist, Starsign, Nightvisions, Solaraura and several others are sold out or just a few left. Other shades are low quantities (10 jars or less!)

“Earth Sea Sky”… a Limited Edition Eyeshadow collection inspired by v1’s “En Pointe” Collection’s well-loved plush matte shades with their graceful, iridescent highlight luster.

A pallette of shades inspired by Gaia herself, these 20 new shades are mysteriously understated but marked by a transient beauty. SHOP “EARTH SEA SKY”…

Infinitely wearable and blendable, The soft, lustrous highlight shimmer effect of the shades is delicate when the colors are worn on their own, and with a more pronounced effect and deeper color when they are applied with an eyeshadow primer or sealant.

The highlight tones of the colors are very difficult to capture in photos and skin swatches, a problem that Aromaleigh v1 also had with the “En Pointe” collection. As a result, the photos and skin swatches of these colors barely touch what they truly are like in person! Samples are highly recommended, of course!

Color Descriptions:

cloudburst: a muted plush matte perwinkle with a sheen of warm purple.

greenman: a smooth cool green plush matte with an abundance of golden highlight sheen.

fairfauna: a mid-tone plush matte cocoa with a surprisingly beautiful highlight of green iridescent sheen.

dawnray: this mid-tone heathered lavender/grey plush matte blooms when applied, with an exquisite violet highlight sheen.

fleurvervain: at first glance, this shade appears as a soft warm purple. It’s pink highlight sheen appears on application.

gildedoak: a delicate warm butterscotch plush matte shade with a gorgeous peach and pink highlight sheen.

skylark: a pale grey plush matte shade with a hint of lavender displays pink and golden highlight sheen on application.

moonless: a deep indigo black with a delicate sheen of borealis highlights.

dewbreak: a soft sage green plush matte with a plethora of cool blue highlight sheen.

duskscream: this midtone warm mocha plush matte shade intensifies into a rich terracotta with a luster of golden highlight sheen.

sacredwoods: a deep chestnut brown plush matte shade with beautifully contrasting highlight sheen of copper and gold.

indigoapex: a plush matte shade in mid-tone celestial blue, muted with a charcoal undertone, with highlight sheen of rose and copper. A very complex shade.

petalsweet: a gentle cool, pale pink plush matte shade with delicate highlight sheen of coppery gold.

starsign: full of surprises, this plush matte shade appears to be a mid-tone taupe/cocoa shade with a hint of blue. Applied, it magically changes into a heathery soft mocha with brilliant blue and violet highlight sheen.

nightvisions: a rich, dramatic shade. Hidden within a dominant cool green highlight sheen is a plush matte shade of deep warm brown with charcoal tones.

spiritmist: a plush matte shade of heathered khaki combines with a highlight sheen of apricot and rose to reveal a magical shade!

holyground: a rosy latte plush matte shade with lustrous highlight sheen of gold and pink.

morningashes: this mid/deep toned warm taupe grey plush matte shade applies to reveal a mystical sheen of blue and green highlights.

solaraura: a warm champagne plush matte shade with a lustrous gold and coppy highlight sheen.

shadowbrook: a warm coppery brown plush matte shade with delicate highlight sheen of gold, violet and rose.

Skin Swatches (Shadows were swatched on primer to intensify the highlight sheen tones, which are so difficult to capture with a camera, but very obvious to the human eye. Shades may appear deeper or more intense when used with an eyeshadow primer, while they will be lighter and more delicate in effect when applied without a primer!):

“Earth Sea Sky” LE eyeshadows on 40% OFF clearance- Colors starting to sell out!