sparkle and shine just in time… with HOLIDAY BLAST eyeshadow collection!

Our popular HOLIDAY BLAST collection is back to spread some holiday sparkle and cheer… limited quantities have been formulated and jarred for your upcoming holiday festivities (and gift giving!).

“Holiday Blast is a rich, velvety and sparkling collection of high-impact shades that can be worn full-on for all of your holiday events and well into the New Year…”

We’ve done our best to capture the beauty and multi-dimensional quality of these shades, but like most of our recent collections, these are true vivid gems that can’t be completely captured on camera. Rich highlights and lowlights, interference sparkles and shimmer, contrasting glimmer. These shades are rich and dramatic and have got it all going on! 

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High Heels: Velvety satin tea rose buff frost with subtle pink/red shimmer.

Re-Gifted: Smooth metallic copper with a rosy sheen and tiny red sparkles.

Sneak a Peek: Lusciously pigmented pewter roses with iridescent pink and shimmer.

Twinkling Lights: Satin lustre medium cool holiday green with pink/red twinkling shimmer sparks.

Spiked Punch: Brownish warm coral with borealis sparkle.

Tangled Tinsel: Metallic true silver with bright glints of iridescent sparkle.

Times Square: Bordeaux-based brown velvet shimmer with a twinkling of silvery iridescent sparkle.

Party Dress: Like true liquid shimmering gold with hot sparks of gold sparkle.

Champagne Toast: A softer dramatic holiday shade. A nude pinkish fawn/champagne tone with bright aqua shimmer sparkles dancing in the light.

Almost Midnight: The brightest, most vibrant jewel of a purple with dramatic blue shadowy sparkles.

Cookie Party: Smooth and warm velvety brown with green iridescence and red/pink highlight sparkles. Colorful!

Not So Silent Night: Deepest pure midnight blue with a shock of aurora borealis sparkle.

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sparkle and shine just in time… with HOLIDAY BLAST eyeshadow collection!