“Coquille” Illuminating Corrective Finishing Powder- welcome back!

Coquille Illuminating Corrective Powders are finishing powders with a twist.

Ils sont magnifiques!

Based on our very popular Illuminator Powder, Coquille powders also effortlessly hide pores and reveal a soft-focus, very subtle glowing finish. At the same time, mineral pigments and mica enhance and adjust your skintone to reveal a more vibrant, balanced skintone. Many customers also enjoy using coquille powders prior to applying their mineral foundation, to achieve more pronounced color correction, such as in the case of rosacea or under-eye circles.

Choose from the following colors to address specific skin concerns:

Coquille Jaune (yellow)- A pick-me up for tired, pale skin. Yellow enlivens dull complexions!

Coquille Vert (pale green)- Green counteracts redness found in easily-flushed, sensitive, irritated or rosacea skintypes.

Coquille Lilas (pale lilac)- Light purple counteracts yellowish or sallow complexions. It also helps to minimize the appearance of yellowish bruising.

Coquille Nectarine (apricot)- Perfect for medium-olive skintones to provide a subtle warm glow. Reflects light without being shiny to soften imperfections and hide pores.

Coquille Rose (Pink)- Provides a sweet flush to tired skin. Dull, lifeless faces are awakened with a sweep of Coquille Rose.


“Coquille” Illuminating Corrective Finishing Powder- welcome back!