New Pure Eyes Frost eyeshadow collection- 30 must-have colors!


Stock up on your eyeshadow basics! Aromaleigh v2’s Pure Eyes Frost collection offers the same formula as our previous collection, but with an improved color range based on customer requests and preferences. Choose from 30 frost finish lloose powder mineral cosmetic eyeshadow shades for your lovely eyes.

Our frost finish eyeshadows comprise our “basic” collection, in that they are formulated from effect pigments that are of the same level of sheen (in other words, the same particle size). While many of our special collections contain colors that have interference highlights, iridescent or colored “sparks”, or metallic pigments, these do not- thereby creating a useful palette of shades that can be used on their own, or in tandem with Aromaleigh’s specialty collections. The Pure Eyes Frost collection also meets the needs of our customers who enjoy frost eyeshadows, but prefer a more understated look.

Our mineral cosmetic eye colors contain no talc or fillers, preservatives, mineral oil or any synthetics that don’t need to be there… just pure color! As a result you get silky smooth, lightweight, breatheable shadows that glide on effortlessly and blend easily- in a gorgeous range of nature-inspired shades.

We highly recommend high quality makeup brushes for ease of application. Pure Eyes Frost shadows can be applied wet, dry or with various types of eyeshadow primer or cream eyeshadows for varying effects.

Available at Aromaleigh for $6.50 per jar/$1.00 per sample


New Pure Eyes Frost eyeshadow collection- 30 must-have colors!