PR/BLOGGER CALL — “Moulin Rouge” Limited Edition Eye Collection

Several weeks ago we started up our PR/Blogger media program with a PR/Blogger call for our overnight treatment powder, “Dusk to Dawn”. We sent samples out to 20 bloggers and started building the foundation for our blogger database!

This time, we’re offering online PR outlets/bloggers/video bloggers the opportunity to review the Limited Edition MOULIN ROUGE eyeshadow collection.

If you are interested in reviewing a selection of shades from this wondrous 35-shade collection, please submit information about your blog (url, #readers, stats, if you’ve previously reviewed aromaleigh, and of course, your complete name and mailing address) to

Please include the subject of the email to be “MOULIN ROUGE BLOG/PR CALL”

We’ll be sending a range of 10 varied samples from the Moulin Rouge collection out to 30 blog/PR outlets, so that a varied range of shades will be made available for the reviews (in other words, it would be pointless if everyone asked for the same 10 shades, which is why we’re choosing the shades and sending out a range of colors).

We will also be adding to and/or updating the blogger database with this offering. Please feel free to repost to others who have beauty or beauty-related blogs who may not know about Aromaleigh or this collection, if you find it applicable. We appreciate the help!

** IMPORTANT- being added to our blogger database does not mean that you automatically receive new items to review! If you participated in the Dusk to Dawn Blog/PR call, you are eligible to participate in this call IF you have reviewed the Dusk to Dawn product and provided us with your link. If you reviewed Dusk to Dawn, please email us and provide the link to your review!

We want to start a section on our site that features blogs that review Aromaleigh products, with an icon representing your blog and links back to it, for each Aromaleigh product reviewed over the future time.

** If you don’t have a blog or site and are interested in leaving your own review of the Moulin Rouge collection, you may do so via the new DISQUS commenting feature that we have added to the Aromaleigh website.

Thank you, and stay tuned for our weekly blogger/PR call postings!

PR/BLOGGER CALL — “Moulin Rouge” Limited Edition Eye Collection