NEW Foundation Toners – Tweak your mineral makeup to perfection…

Does your foundation formula need some “tweaking”? Or are you a dominant “pink” or “linen” toned gal that’s been left feeling helples sdue to Aromaleigh’s discontinuation of the under-sold “PINK” and “LINEN” foundations?

If so, our foundation toners may very well be your holy grail. Specially formulated using the very same pigments that Aromaleigh uses to create Mineral Foundation, these toners are combined with ingredients to assist with blendability to make their addition to your mineral makeup formula as easy as possible. Sure, straight iron oxides can do the trick, but they require some heavy-duty mixing so that you aren’t left with stray pigments and streakiness.

Our foundation toner shades may look VIVID, but… when added to your blend in a small amount, with some experimentation they can provide you with the perfect blend you crave. Because while Aromaleigh does offer a broad range of foundation shades, there are always situations where a customer needs to customize their shade.

With our new toners, you can darken or lighten your formula according to the season… make it more yellow, peach or pink… or mute it with the Linen I or Linen II mixers to better approximate the Aromaleigh v1 “Linen” shades, which are no longer available.

Are you ready to tweak? We’ve created these blends with ingredients that make them easier for you to add to your existing foundations with minimal manual mixing required. We recommend that you use some sort of measured scoop (whether it be your kitchen’s measuring scoops- a pinch is 1/16 tsp, while a dash is 1/8!), or the 1ml scoops that aromaleigh offers, whether you choose to use a mortar & pestle, a plastic bag + kneading with your hands, or a hand-held blender stick… these toners are here to help you refine and perfect your blend. We find that a hand-held blender stick is the best way to do your mixing and will provide the lowest likelihood of “stray” pigment particles from the toner that are not completely blended in (can result in streaking upon application).

You’ll probably want to have a notebook and pen ready, to keep track of your recipe, some extra sifter jars (you can purchase these from many Ebay Sellers in small quantities), some stickers or a sharpie to write on your jar lids, and most important- a definite idea of what you want to accomplish in tweaking your foundation.

Always remember: LESS IS MORE! If you add too much of any toner, it can have a serious impact on your results, because while you can always add more of a toner, once it is blended in, you can’t take it away.

Hint: If you want to start with a blank slate and completely create your own custom blend, you can purchase any of our 3 foundation formulas in the “Ghost” shade, which is Pure White.

The toners are available in Yellow, Pink, Peach, Linen I, Linen II and White.

To assist you in blending, the following guidelines generally apply to Aromaleigh’s existing foundations:

“C” COOL- use pink or peach toner, possibly Linen I or II if you are tweaking a level 3 or 4 foundation

“C/L” COOL LINEN- use pink or peach toner, plus Linen I or II, depending on the depth you desire.

“Y” YELLOW- use yellow toner, possibly Linen I or II if you are tweaking a level 3 or 4 foundation

“Y/L” YELLOW LINEN- use yellow toner plus Linen I or II, depending on the depth you desire.

“W” WARM- use peach and yellow toner, possibly Linen I or II if you are tweaking a level 3 or 4 foundation

“W/L” WARM LINEN- peach and Yelloow toner plus Linen I or II, depending on the depth you desire.

“P” PINK- pink toner, possibly also peach, possibly Linen I or II if you are tweaking a level 3 or 4 foundation

“P/L” PINK LINEN” – pink toner, possibly also peach, plus Linen I or II, depending on the depth you desire.

“L” LINEN – Add Linen I or II to your foundation in small amounts to approximate Aromaleigh’s former “Linen” series.

“W” WHITE- Add White toner to ANY foundation to lighten it. You may find this useful for “winterizing” your foundation, whereas your “summmer blend” might contain more LINEN (beige) tones to match tanned skin.

* NOTE- We will be adding to the knowledge base of this page as the foundation toner product is introduced and customer queries with valuable insights to assist other customers in the process, come in.

There are no set formulas with the foundation toners… the most important rule of thumb is to use SMALL amounts and increase as needed. (Aromaleigh is not responsible for foundations that are rendered unusable due to the addition of foundation toners).

If you are brand new to this process, we do recommend that you purchase 1-2 sample baggies of your starting shade, and experiment with the sample baggies before you begin adding toners to your full sized foundation.

Foundation toners are available in 1/2 tsp sample baggies and 1 tablespoon full sized baggies.

Ingredients: Sericite mica, silica, Boron Nitride, Iron Oxides, may contain: Titanium Dioxide (Boron Nitride and Silica are ingredients added in small amounts that greatly assist in making the toners easier for you to blend)

Helpful information below in relation to determining your skintone (repasted from our Skintone FAQ):

If you do not know your skintone, you can estimate it by referring to the following guidelines:

COOL Skintone: Eyes are typically blue or grey. Haircolor typically blonde, brown or black. Skin has definite blue and pinkish or peach undertones. Skin typically burns easily or burns and then tans. Sometimes it may tan easily in those with darker cool skintones. Cool-toned people look best in colors such as blue, red, pink and purple, or “gem-tones”. They are the skintone most likely to be flattered by pastel shades. Usually look best in silver jewelry. In natural light, the color of the veins on the underside of your wrist are bluish. You can wear a white shirt and it is flattering on you. Those of ethnic descent from Scandinavia, the British Isles, Central Europe (France/Germany/Switzerland and surrounding countries) may often have a cool complexion.

NEUTRAL: Eyes may be any color. Hair may be any color. Skin has unspecifiable undertones, such as pink, olive or yellow. Skin typically tans easily or burns and then tans. Those with neutral coloring can wear just about any color clothing and look good. Can wear gold or silver jewelry (no preference as to which looks better) Most Aromaleigh customers find themselves within a neutral foundation range. 1N, 2N, 3N and 4N foundations are our most commonly-purchased shades. Those who wear neutral based foundations may come from varied Ethnic descent.

WARM: Eyes are typically brown, green or hazel. Haircolor typically brown, black,
red, auburn, blonde or strawberry blonde. Skin has yellow/peach or olive
undertones and usually tans easily or may burn and then tan. Warm-toned people look best in earthy-toned clothing, such as browns, yellows, oranges, yellowish green and ecru. Look best in gold jewelry. In natural light, the color of the veins on the underside of your wrist are greenish. You are most flattered by an off-white, cream or ecru shirt (i.e.
pure white or pastels make you look washed out) Those of Ethnic descent from Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Scotland, Ireland, or Asia may find a Warm toned foundation is best for them.

YELLOW: Eyes are typically brown, almost black or dark hazel. Haircolor is typically dark brown or black. Skin has yellowish or olive undertones and typically tans easily. Those with yellow or olive skintones look best in warm tones, but can wear neutral tones and jewel-toned vivid blues, reds, greens, oranges and purples with flair. Gold jewelry is usually preferred, but not the rule. In natural light, the color of the veins on the underside of your wrist are greenish or yellowish green. Pure white clothing will make you appear washed out unless your skin is tanned. Often of Asian heritage, lighter tones of Yellow-based foundations work best with your skintone. Medium tones such as 3Y or 3YL are often best for those of Mediterranean descent, as these shades have a definite olive tone, however many women of Mediterranean or Eastern European descent with paler skintones may find that Aromaleigh’s paler 1Y/1YL/2Y/2YL shades may work for them. A Y or Y/L foundation is often wonderful for reducing the redness of Rosacea.

PINK: Eyes are typically light in color, most often blue or green. Haircolor is often blonde or light brown, but can be very dark as well. Skintone is typically pale, has obvious pink tones and is sometimes freckled. Skin typically burns, does not tan easily if at all. In natural light, the color of the veins on the underside of your wrist definitely lean towards bluish or mauve in color. Silver jewelry is most flattering. Those with pink toned skin can wear a variety of colors in clothing, but neutrals are often most flattering depending on hair/eye color. This is a more rare skintone, and many women with pink skintones want to cancel out the pink or “redness” in their skin. Within this unique skintone, there are those with cool pink (most common) and warm pink tones to the skin. Those who have warm pink skintones typically have true vivid red hair (their counterparts with true warm red hair fall into the Yellow, Warm or Neutral skintones). Those with pink skintones are typically pale skintones, from English or Celtic ancestry- the so-called “English Rose Complexion”. Most of the time, women with this skintone can wear cool or neutral foundations, but particularly pink-toned complexions may need to augment their foundation with our Pink toner to find a perfect match. While Aromaleigh no longer offers a pink-toned foundation, we do offer a pink foundation toner.

LINEN: This is not so much a natural skintone, as a preference. Women who prefer a linen blend or dominant linen tone foundation usually have light-medium toned skin that is rich with it’s own dominant natural tones- be they warm, yellow or cool. Skin may tan easily or usually, or it may burn and then tan. Eyes may be any color. Hair may be any color. Depending on the dominant skintone, gold or silver jewelry may be preferred. In natural light, the color of the veins on the underside of your wrist will lean towards warm or cool, depending on the dominance of your skintone. Clothing of any color can be worn, even pure white, as women with skin in a dominant color tone are rarely washed out by paler shades, neutrals, or black. Those who desire a foundation with a linen (beige) base are usually trying to play down the dominance of their skintone, and appear to have a more even, creamy complexion. While most women can easily find a match within Aromaleigh’s C/L (cool linen), W/L (warm linen) or Y/L (yellow linen) blends, some women desire a foundation that has more dominant beige tones. While Aromaleigh no longer offers a straight “Linen” foundation, we do now offer Foundation toners in two levels for the linen, or beige/brown tones. These toners can be added to the foundation to further mute the foundation tones and create a foundation that has a more straight beige (aka “linen”) tone. Often, women who regularly tan, or are prone to increased sun exposure find that using one of Aromaleigh’s Linen blends, or augmenting their foundation with Aromaleigh’s Linen I or Linen II toners will be able to achieve their perfect blend, and adjust it as needed depending on the season.

Note: These skintone/foundation suggestions are a guideline and are based on a broad-spectrum of ethnicities and eye/hair/undertone combinations. Many women find that they can wear several different mineral foundation shades, while others find that finding the perfect singular shade and/or “tweaking” that shade with Aromaleigh foundation toners is required.

Often, the level of coverage desired in your foundation will make finding your perfect match more critical. Heavier coverage, such as that offered by Aromaleigh’s Pashmina Mineral Foundation and also our Dewdrop foundation, when applied in layers or with a cream or serum- will require a more specific and perfectly matched shade. Those who desire lighter coverage will find that they can wear several foundation shades (and in this case, our Neutral range is the most popular choice).

Finishing powders can be used to further perfect your foundation and play up or tone down certain aspects of your skin. Many women with Rosacea find that the Y/L foundations tone down their skin’s redness, while the use of a greenish or yellow Finishing powder finalizes their look. (See our “Glamoured” finishing powders, which provide gentle color correction in green, yellow and lavender tones.

For further discussion of your skintone, please join us at our Facebook Group, “Aromaleigh Aficionadas”, where there are a variety of customers who have experience with choosing a foundation based on skintone and can provide helpful suggestions, or a range of sample tones for you to try.


NEW Foundation Toners – Tweak your mineral makeup to perfection…