Website registration is OPTIONAL… but it does have benefits… (and apparently, controversy!)

Website registration. Little did we know it could be so… controversial!

“Drama” has been wonderfully absent since Aromaleigh reopened… Thank Goodness! We were fore-warned by our Product Formulator and Creative Director Kristen Leigh Bell that customers could get extremely passionate at times, so we entered into this venture expecting the worst. But for some strange reason, our website registration seems to have caused some customers to become rather “emotionally charged”.

Since Aromaleigh v2 reopened last November 2011, we have, as available via our store software host, Yahoo! Small Business, made it possible for customers to register at the site.

Up until last month, you could use your email account at AOL, Yahoo or Google to register. 

Last month, Yahoo began offering the convenient option for customers to “sign in” and register with Facebook, as thousands of online stores internet-wide are now offering. In order to continue upgrading and adding features to our website, we did the necessary programming required to create a Facebook “app” that would allow you to register at with your FB sign-in.

Little did we know that we’d get our share of disgruntled emails in regards to customers claiming “I refuse to register with your store via a social network!”, and other comments and feedback that were very negative in regards to the registration (but ironically, only since we added the Facebook option…)

Firstly, you do NOT have to register if you don’t want to. It is entirely optional and it is offered only for your convenience.

Also, the only “social network” method of registration sign-in is Facebook. Aol mail, Yahoo mail and Google mail are not social networks. If you are uncomfortable with signing in to register at Aromaleigh via ANY of these four methods, you don’t have to. 

But, please know that we can’t change this. So all the complaints and emotional emails and comments in the world can’t enable us to change the software platform on which our store runs. Yahoo.

BUT, registration does have it’s benefits. And as Yahoo! adds new features, if you are registered you’ll be all set up to begin using those features. (namely, we are hoping Yahoo! soon adds product reviews, wishlists and other features that right now we have to rely on third party providers for…). But most importantly- no one is forcing you to register. It is entirely your choice, but if you DO choose to register, the following conveniences are yours:





Website registration is OPTIONAL… but it does have benefits… (and apparently, controversy!)